Am I a book snob?

I considered myself a book snob for a long time and this is a kind of attitude that I really don’t like but I couldn’t help it. I’m a certified fiction addict and I am happy about the things that happen in a story. I like fiction books that inspire and gives me thrills when I read. There is nothing personal about my being a snob. This just means that I am just expressing my personal preference, or being a snob is just expecting something good from writers.

I accept the fact, that people are different and will naturally like different books, movies, food, shoes, clothes even friends. I choose books that will give me thrills and excitement while reading it, I don’t like books that makes me bored but I don’t even criticize others’ books of choice. Do I consider myself a book snob? What are your thoughts on this? Am I or Am I not?

I think there is nothing wrong with being a book snob, we all have different opinions and different tastes in everything including books but what is important is that we are happy on what we’ve read. As long as we do not criticize each other’s choicesm then that’s good enough. Personally, I hate judging people especially when it comes to books. I have encountered book snobs many times in my life and I compare myself to them. Well, as I’ve told earlier, I chose my kind of book but I don’t criticize.

Even if we have our own choices of books, please remember to not judge others, just by reading their own preferences. Please be consider that the authors of books are giving their own best to give us a good plot. I may not be reading other kind of genres but I don’t really criticize. So, it’s up for you to judge if I am a book snob or not.