About Us

About US

The Bookish Snob is all about reviewing fiction and romance book genres. This website was created for those who love fiction and romance novels.

The woman behind the Bookish Snob website is literally fond of fiction and romance novels. Most of her summers, springs, falls and winters were spent curled up with a towering stack of books by her side. And not much has changed in adulthood; she still rather prefers the company of a good or bad character over most humans. Since she is a contemporary writer and a book addict, it suddenly came up to her mind to do such things that will surely make these book snobs get back the excitement on their reading habits. The Bookish Snob website wants to focus on the essence of the story of the novel to get the potential reader to read it without any weariness.

All her collections of books are available in a low price, to share to others her experience in reading good stories. You will definitely love all her collections that she is willing to give up for the readers like her.

The Bookish Snob website is a credible site. Note that the publishers of fiction and romance novels let the Bookish Snob read their books and give it reviews to promote their upcoming ones that are soon to hit book stores. The Bookish Nob is also a legitimate book seller.

The Bookish Snob hopes that with all the available reviews here, you will be inspired and interested in reading our books. The Bookish Snob guarantees that you will be satisfied with her book choices. If, you haven’t visited yet the entire site of The Bookish Snob, please do so as you will definitely learn a lot from this website. Plus, you will surely enjoy reading our reviews as well.

Thank you and see you again on your next visit.