Monday, December 7, 2015

Cover Makeover: Angel Kissed (#1 in the Story of Us series)


Remember the incredibly sexy paranormal romance story written by Lacey Weatherford​ and myself called Wanderlust? The one that left readers swooning all over the place because of Ryder McKinley? #AhhhRyder #TeamRyder #WeLoveHimMucho

Well .... it's had a HUGE makeover!! Not only have we updated the cover *pauses to stroke the screen because it's so gorgeous!* but it  now has a NEW TITLE ... one that fits the story PERFECTLY!

Angels and kisses ... what's not to LOVE??
ANGEL KISSED, #1 in the Story of Us series.
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance 
Amazon: - Kindle Unlimited

 If he wants to keep her, he'll have to destroy her first ... 

Stepping out on her own for the first time, Skylar Blue had no idea what waited for her, nor how a chance meeting with a handsome stranger would turn her universe upside down--literally. Caught up in what she believes is a perfect whirlwind romance, Skylar is totally floored when her new beau, Ryder McKinley, reveals his true nature, telling her he's not from this planet, but is the offspring of angels. 

Called a Wanderer, Ryder has renounced his angelic status, instead choosing to explore all of creation. Not usually one to form long lasting relationships, Ryder is surprised that all he wants to do is commit to Skylar and spend the rest of eternity with her. It's not that easy, though. Unfortunately a true union between the two can only end in heartache, unless the unthinkable were to happen . . . something Ryder completely refuses to consider. 

But his protests are all for naught when Fate steps in and makes the tough choices, leaving him scrambling to pick up the pieces in an effort to save his one true love. 

© Angel Kissed by Lacey Weatherford and Belinda Boring