Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Loving Liberty - Coming July, 2013!!

I am so excited. Loving Liberty is closer to being released and is currently with my editor! You know it's a good sign when you get the message "I'm love it already!" Add that to the comments from my beta readers that this is "FANFREAKINGTASTIC!" and I'm beyond ready to share it with everyone!

So, to whet your appetite, here's a tiny glimpse into my upcoming New Adult Contemporary Romance, Loving Liberty ... 

“Can I get you anything? Another drink, maybe?” A deep voice interrupted my musings, dragging my gaze upward. I tried not to gasp out loud as I stopped at the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. The server caught me by surprise and my fingers instinctively reached up to fidget with my string of pearls.
If I thought his eyes were striking, they only complimented the rest of him. The name badge on his shirt said Oliver and I couldn't stop staring at how perfect his mouth was—the way it raised a little higher to the right side. With dimples on each side of his cheeks, he was, by far, the most handsome guy in the room.
He didn't say another word, tilting his head slightly, his smile growing wider by the second. That’s when I realized he was waiting for my answer. I’d been too busy noticing his light brown hair was spiked up at the ends and how broad his shoulders were. He wasn't the first good looking guy I’d ever seen, but his unwavering focus did something funny to my stomach. Oliver had rendered me completely speechless and I felt like an idiot.
He is the only one that makes you forget you manners. Answer him before he walks away!
“Sorry.” I could feel my face heat and turn about a hundred shades of red. “I’m good for right now,” I continued, chewing on my bottom lip. “Thanks, though.”
“Are you sure? I can get you something other than what you’re already drinking.” He gestured to the glass. His offer was incredibly tempting.
“I am. Sparkling water suits me just fine.” To prove my point, I took a mouthful. It wasn't my customary sip and it took everything I had not to spit it out.
“Do you usually gag when you drink water?” He was teasing me, flashing another lopsided grin. My stomach did flip flops, my heart racing a little, as well.

Happy swooning!