Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Shaman's Mate Blog Tour with Donna McDonald

When an unfamiliar fellow park ranger walks up moments after he prays for help, Jason sends his gratitude out into the universe for answering his call. The last thing Jason ever suspected would happen was for the same man to return to abduct him. But now Hania and his people are insisting that he make good on his promises to repay his karmic debt to them.  Jason is not opposed to helping the Chileaans, or their beautiful Shaman, but it’s what they want him to do that’s the problem.
I'm excited to have author Donna McDonald here today and be part of her The Shaman's Mate blog tour! She's shared an excerpt from her latest release ... enjoy then click through one the buy links and grab a copy!
“Jason…” she called his name, and then collapsed in a heap at his feet, her hands sliding down his body. She wrapped her arms around his legs because she simply had to touch some part of him to believe it was real.
Aiyana looked across the room, pain in her heart for yet another misdeed she had done to the man at her door. “I’m sorry for this situation, Cheveyo. I truly did not expect Jason to return to me, but I am glad he has.”
Cheveyo looked at him with the most hateful look Jason had ever received from another person.
“There is no dishonor here, Aiyana,” Cheveyo said softly. “I serve Shaman Aiyana, who serves the Great Mother. If you have need of me, I too will return to you.” He bowed his head to her and left, not sparing Jason another glance.
Jason looked down at the woman wrapped around his legs and wondered what had possessed him to stake a claim. What was it to him if the woman bonded with the whole tribe? But thinking of Cheveyo at her door, he was pleased he’d sent the man away. God help him—maybe he felt a sense of duty growing for her. Somehow he instinctively knew that Shaman Aiyana’s ascension wouldn’t happen with anyone but him. Walking through Aiyana’s door moments ago, he was following some inner voice that demanded he help her, regardless of what form that help took.
As he pulled Aiyana up into his arms again, the voices he’d heard when he kissed her started chanting again. This time though the chanting perfectly matched the heat in his blood as he studied Aiyana’s nearly naked body. This time when desire for her moved through him, Jason accepted it physically, even though he still had to work at setting the emotional guilt aside. His body was insisting that he be with her. There seemed to be no other choice.
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Donna's also having a giveaway!


Tore said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read your books.

Donna McDonald ~ Author said...

Thank you, Tore. Make sure you enter the contest!

bn100 said...

I enjoyed the excerpt.


wanda f said...

Sounds great and I love the cover .Thank you for this chance to win .Have a great day.

Donna McDonald ~ Author said...

Thanks bn100, I hope you decide to try the book.

Thanks wanda f, I am going to be giving away several copies, so several will get them.

I appreciate the comments and that you read the excerpt.

LoonyAlana said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Donna McDonald ~ Author said...

My pleasure!

Tina said...

Sounds awesome

Donna McDonald ~ Author said...

Hope you try it Tina! Maybe you'll win :)

Josie Hink said...

I love contests


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway and I love any thing supernatural that what makes me swoon tishacharles4@gmail

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