Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room ...

I just wanted to touch base with everyone - a central place with a little more freedom than private messages and Facebook walls. I guess by now we all know it's December and there's still no clear release date for Testing Fate ...
What does that mean?
It means I really don't like being vague. Whenever I'm asked, my standard answer has become "I don't know yet" or "I'm waiting for the go ahead from my editor" or my favorite ... "It's coming soon." I want you all to know that it bothers me to say that - I want nothing more than to say "It's going to be released such and such ... SQUEE!" Unfortunately, life doesn't always work that way no matter how much I ask it sweetly. Believe me, I've tried.
When I first announced the December date, it was with a hopeful heart. I anticipated no hiccups with nothing but smooooooth sailing. *chuckles* Hands up anyone whose life ever goes EXACTLY the way we want it to *looks around* Me neither.
I recently changed editors. It was necessary and what it means is not only is the book subject to my life and priorities, but also hers. What I also didn't take into account was other editing obligations and Christmas. Family always takes precedence ... even in front of Mason, Darcy, and Devlin *chuckles* Thankfully they're not as ornery as Quinn. He wouldn't care and demand I cater to him. Sexy jerk!
So do I have a release date yet? No.
What do I have? Three very strong FACTS
Fact #1 - Testing Fate will be BY FAR the best book in the series to date.
Fact #2 - I have one of the best editors I've ever worked with helping me polish the book. I love having that kind of confidence and Testing Fate will SPARKLE.
Fact #3 - Waiting just a little longer will be a VERY distant memory once you get a copy. A lot happens in the book - things you've been waiting for ... and some that you'll never see coming.
I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support you've not only given me but the series. You've embraced the Mystic Wolves - claimed the characters for your own and it means so much! I promise in the meantime to share teasers, torture you all a little less, and find fun ways to celebrate the series!
Happy swooning everyone!!


BookEnd 2 BookEnd said...

Belinda, I would wait a long time for any of your books. I know that you are doing your best to give us a great story and it's nice to hear that none of this is being rushed! It tells me that you care so much about your book and it's readers! I will always support an author when they are just putting out great work for the reader! You have my support! Thank you for keeping us updated! Mystic Wolves rocks!! <3

Vicki said...

Even though a little disappointed I have to wait longer (not my strong suit), I know it will be well worth it! It's so funny I never use to read paranormal books but you are one who has changed that for me! Luv Ya Bels, and I'll wait as paitently as possible! lol

Belinda said...

*hugs you both* I'm a little disappointed too. I just know I can't speed up the process ... Well I could but I want Testing Fate to be an epic success :)

Brenda A. said...

Where is Quinn? *looks around* Maybe, I can talk him into visiting the editor..

*pauses deep in thought*

On second thought I don't think it's a good idea. He could hurt her and then we'd have to wait longer.

Relax a little. It's good that it is so anticipated. And it is the holidays. Life happens the most around this time of year.

BLHmistress said...

Well crap! but I am going to look at this way, the longer we wait the longer we won't devour it and it will be over then we will have to wait for the next one. I hope that made sense. When is Devlin getting a book and Daniel ? :)

Ann @ Blogging Profits Unleashed said...

I loved your "Mystic Wolves" and will patiently wait for "Testing Fate". Thank you for keeping us updated!

Kim B said...

As I've said before, if waiting means we get the best Bels has to give us than it's totally worth it. I love your books and you're right, Family has to come first, especially this time of year. We love you and will wait til you are ready to give us Mason and Darcy's story.

Ashley Montgomery said...

Booo!!! ;)

Although I'm sad to have to wait longer, I'm glad you're taking your time and doing things as they come. One of the worst things an author could do would be to rush a book, at least in my opinion.

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it!

Andrea Iannicello said...

Can't wait for the next book hope u got plans to give Develin his own story he deserves it. Thanks for giving us a little piece of him and for Mason's journey. Iknow it will be worth the wait. Happy Holidays to you and your family ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have become to involved with this series that I read the first two books in two days. My anticipation is bubbling. ease bring me the book soon. I am willing to be patient and wait.:) I am missing Mason already.

Samara Ricci said...

OMG!!! I Absolutly NEED book 3.... I just read BOTH books today **{my hubby's giving me the evil eye )** and I have a thousand thoughts running through my mind about the effects, solutions, experiences etc etc and so on about that WOPPER of a cliff hanger....... Thank you so much for an AMAZING series, Mystic Wolves. And will be checking back [probably daily, lol] for Tempting Fate

Judy said...

We are all checking daily for testing fate, I would sign up to be notified by email when its here. For now I'm going to try the other books you have while I wait... Patiently. I also would like to see Devlin in his own book. What's up with Zane and Vivien, and more Mystic Wolves please. I'm just loving these characters.

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