Monday, November 5, 2012

Quinn's Top Ten Favorite Things + Giveaway + Free eBooks

Quinn would like to invite everyone to visit Bookend 2 Bookend and see his
TOP TEN FAVORITE THINGS. He won't ever admit it, but I think he enjoyed putting it together.
Here's a sneak peek ...

~txt~ Quinn, I need you to write your Top Ten favorite things for Jessica. Thanks, Bels ~etxt~
~txt~ And if I say no? ~etxt~
~txt~ Just do what you’re told. I’m the boss … not you ~etxt~
~txt~ You think so, huh? Do I need to hunt you down too? Show you I’m the one that calls the shots? ~etxt~
~txt~ *sighs* Just. Do. It ~etxt~
~txt~ Fine, but you and me need to talk. Soon ~etxt~
Damn author thinks she can just click her fingers, command me, and I’ll just jump *shakes head* I don’t have time for this. I have … priorities. Bri is unconverted and still thinks she can save me *growls* She’s also with that guy, Liam. The one who thinks she’ll choose him *chuckles low and picks up the pen* Maybe I should humor Belinda. This can be a nice reminder to everyone that Bri belongs to ME.
Okay, let’s see … top ten things ...
To keep reading, visit Bookend 2 Bookend
While you're there, enter the rafflecopter for a signed copy of Broken Promises and swag pack. Also comment and receive a FREE ecopy of The Mystic Wolves and A Midsummer Night's Fling!
See you there!

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pc said...

Love your sneak peak of ten favorite things...will head to bookend 2 bookend to read the rest!