Thursday, October 25, 2012

Q&A With Me - Part One

I had so much fun at the Broken Promises Release Day Party with everyone yesterday! I loved being able to spend the day laughing and swooning over photos, playing games, and talking about Quinn and Bri. One thing I really enjoyed was answering all the questions you all asked and as requested, I'm reposting my answers because it got a little crazy *winks*
There were quite a few so I've broken them into parts and will post them over the next week. If you have any more questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments!
Here we go ...
What am I currently working on?
(Monique Brooks)
Testing Fate! But I'm being distracted by Quinn who thinks I should be writing Broken Trust instead. Hadrian then jumps in and reminds me how swoony he is ... saying I should be working on Enchanted Frost *shakes head* I tell them to hush ... it's time for Mason and Devlin!
What are my plans to celebrate for my birthday?
(Shadow Kohler)
I spent a relaxing day watching my favorite TV shows (and swooning) then went out to eat with my family and besties! Then this coming Sunday, I'm going away with my hubby for the week to Las Vegas! We plan on staying at the Paris hotel and seeing Cris Angel.
Will I be attending the RT Convention next year in Kansas City?
(Sherita Eaton Landers)
Yep!! I'll be there with Lacey Weatherford and Kamery Solomon. We have FOUR scheduled appearances planned so far:
March - Tucson Book Festival, Tucson AZ
May - RT Conventions in Kansas City
June - Arizona Dreamin' in Phx, AZ
August - RNC Convention in Las Vegas, NV
As these dates closer, I'll post more details. Also, I'll be Tucson on December 1st doing signings at the three local Bookmans!
Stay tune for Q&A With Me - Part Two


Loony Alana said...

I'm looking forward to Part 2... Muahahaha! I want to see my question again!

Tai Florie said...

I was turned on to your Mystic Wolves by accident and now I am a full fledged junkie. I absolutely can not wait to see how Darcy's and Mason's story will end!!

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