Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sneak Peek at Broken Promises: Sexy Banter

As each day passes and October gets closer, I'm becoming more and more excited. To the point of complete IMPATIENCE. For those who remember, Broken Promises was the story I wrote for my 2010 NaNoWriMo project - my first real attempt at completing a story. I have loved this storyline from the very beginning and FINALLY ... FINALLY its almost ready for release. Just a few more weeks and the world gets to meet Brianna Lane and the sexy Quinn Michaels. Like I said .. IMPATIENT. Oh and did I mention GIDDY? To share that excitement, here's a small excerpt ...
Enjoy <3
      “Quit looking at me like that, and answer my question.” I laughed. “I need to know what blow ’em up, blood and guts movie you’ve picked so I can prepare myself.”
      “Well, I could tell you, but I love watching you squirm a little so . . . no. I’m not telling you anything. You’ll have to wait and see.” He turned to look through his window but not before I caught the smug look on his face. I wanted to throttle him. I shook my head in annoyance and poked out my tongue. He chuckled softly.
      “Don’t threaten me unless you know how to use it, Bree.”
      A blush burned across my cheeks and I opened my mouth to ask him how he knew. Before I could get the words out, Quinn laughed again before tapping his knuckles against the window.
     “Remember, I can see your reflection so unless you want a refresher course in manners, I’d keep your tongue safe in that cute mouth of yours.”
     “And if I do?” I replied cheekily, a small heat building inside me. Gosh, I loved this man, bantering with him. The look he was giving me almost reduced me to putty.
     He pointed at the approaching street. “Pull over, sweetheart, and I’ll show you.” He added a wink to his grin, and countless possibilities flooded my mind.
Coming early October 2012