Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinterest Night #1 - Can't Be Board Eating Pie With Zac Efron.

If you're anything like me, you LOVE Pinterest. You can sit there for hours and pin picture after picture after picture. Doesn't matter what it is - funny photo or quote, story inspiration, sexy man candy, craft or food, I collect it and love looking through them.
My partners in crime, Lacey Weatherford and Kamery Solomon, also have the same addiction. So we've started a tradition ... PINTEREST NIGHT!! We picked with our fave pins, gathered the needed supplied, and released our inner PIN-DIVANESS!
Here's the results ...
I'd like to say I devoured these ... hahaha. I'm not sure what happened (we're suspecting it was a time length issue) but they didn't taste how I expected. I think I've been spoiled by the fried version of this treat and we were tempted to batter them. It would've defeated the purpose, however, so we looked sadly at them.
It was a NO BRAINER that this would be a decadent treat for our taste buds and a future enemy to our thighs and butts *grins* HOLY COW, it was AMAZING. Chocolate overload, yummilicious goodness, I-think-I-died-and-went-to-HEAVEN!! It was super easy to make and the perfect way to finish our meal. I was a little piggy and asked for a little extra helping ... it almost put me into a sugar coma. SO WORTH IT!!
Chocolate addiction aside, this was my FAVE recipe (I also picked it but I can't really brag because I was distracted at the time :D) It was easy to make, cheap and it made up a big batch for next day sampling. I loved how juicy and tasty the tuna mixture was. It had a great zing and the tomatoes and avocado chunks complimented it. What REALLY put it over the top though was also sprinkling swiss cheese over the top. YUMMY and HEALTHY. Hahaha unless you put mountains of cheese on it.
This is what I'd like to call WWPD.
(What would Pinterest do)
We had questionable eggs and Kam remembered seeing a tip on Pinterest.
We also got adventurous and chose a craft to do as well. We're all VERY visual people and love to keep a positive focus on things. We decided to create a visualization board for our offices. If we can imagine our goals, see the things we'd love to have in our lives, we can believe we'll accomplish them. Kinda like a picture bucket list. This is mine and I'll post an update when I get my photos set up. Being a perfectionist, doing crafts are a little stressful but I love how it turned out *grins*

Once we were done, we ended the night with an EPIC SWOON! If you haven't seen The Lucky One with Zac Efron ... get your copy and WATCH IT. I love this movie. Not only do I marvel at how swoony Nicholas Sparks can write, but there is a scene that literally had me stop breathing. I shared a few photos above ... it was incredible and my favorite? His teeth grazing on her thigh *SWOON* I'll be watching and rewatching and rewatching it when I get toward the end of Testing Fate for research *winks*
So all in all, the night was a success!
For those interested, feel free to stop by our Pinterest boards and check out our pins.

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