Thursday, August 16, 2012

Announcement: Enchanted Hearts Release Date!

I'm so excited. A little nervous, but definitely excited!! Enchanted Hearts is my newest story and is a break away from my beloved Mystic Wolves. Its my first delve into the New Adult genre and it is PURE swoon! It is also a historical fantasy and kicks starts my Enchanted series!

It's part of the A Midsummer Night's Fling anthology and I've teamed up with my BFF and business partner, Lacey Weatherford, and new author Kamery Solomon.

So what's it about? Here's the blurb ...

How do you choose between mere moments and a lifetime?
Aithne was raised on fairytales, spending hours daydreaming about meeting one of the elusive Fae. Little did she know, hidden in the shadows, a Fae Prince stood watching. All it took was one glance and Hadrian became enchanted, unable to stay away. Revealing his presence, Aithne's life was forever changed as her childhood fantasies of magic became a reality.

With each encounter, Aithne fell deeper in love and even though she knew Hadrian couldn't offer her the future she craved, it was enough. That was until William, the local blacksmith's son and friend, stepped forward. Wearing his own heart on his sleeve, and eager to claim Aithne as his wife, there was nothing William wouldn't do for the girl he loved. Even if it meant risking it all at the Midsummer Night's festival.

Three enchanted hearts ... two honorable men ... one important choice.

"Enchanted Hearts is another heart-grabbing, can’t-help-but-smile, swoon-alicious addition to the Boring creative vault . . . With the genteel allure of beloved classic Disney movies meets the love triangle of Twilight, Enchanted Hearts will cast a spell on anyone who believes in romance and love." - Laurie, Readergirls.

"This very story just touches your soul and leaves you alittle better of a person for reading it."
- Lisa, eReading on the Cheap.

Available August 31st, 2012

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