Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finding Comfort In The Familiar

It's interesting how we cycle through things. We're never fully fixed in one place, leaving behind the old for the new. Once upon a time, I was absolutely adamant I would never own an ereader. To me, not reading a print version of a book was the same as selling my soul to the Devil, and I fought hard against the urge to upgrade. I lasted about a year, and as I held my first Kindle in my hand, I was hooked. Now, as an owner of the Kindle Fire, I love it even more and have no idea how I lived with out it. Crazy, right?

I instantly noticed a change in my buying habits. I'd pick up those beautiful print books, stroke the covers, and then check to see if it was cheaper on Kindle. The bookshelves I have which are lovingly stuffed to capacity suddenly stopped growing, as the library on my ereader exploded. It's easy to get addicted to - all the free ebooks available, it gives you the chance to take risks on new authors and explore new genres. Hahaha well, maybe not in my case seeing I'm a romance snob, but the opportunity is there.

I cycle through the romance genre. For a while, I'll find myself knee deep in paranormal romance, and then the mood takes me to erotica, to bdsm, to young adult. I read according to what I need, and I love it. Recently, I've found I have a new cycle - ebooks and prints. Moving forward with technology, I knew I was going to miss holding a real copy of the book in my hand. I'd miss the way it smelt, the actual act of turning the pages as I became engrossed in the story. There's something to be said for holding your favorite book tightly to your chest as you tell someone just how much you love it. After coming back from the RT Convention, that's where I'm at. I've cycled.

It's been a month since I've picked my Kindle up to read from it, but the pile of books by my beside has started to teeter. Other than the freebies I find, it's been a while since I bought an ebook, but I've been scanning the shelves at my local Walmart again. I've rekindled my love of receiving books in the mail, of tearing open the package and squeeing over the contents. I love being able to make a stack of all my new treasures, and most of all, snuggling under the blanket on a lazy Sunday, flipping pages. I still carry my Kindle everywhere. In fact, it's within arm's reach now, but so is my latest read - in hardcover. I have options, and I love it.

Will ebooks ever replace print books? Not in my house. While I enjoy and appreciate the benefits of my ereader, a lot can be said in finding comfort in the familiar. I'll gladly take both!

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