Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Release Day - The Undoing Of A Libertine by Raine Miller & Giveaway!

I had THE absolute privelege and pleasure of reading an advance copy of author Raine Miller's The Undoing Of A Libertine. O.M.G.S.H. I never wanted the book to end. I had fallen hopelessly in love with Darius, the sexy hero from Raine's first novel, His Perfect Passion, so I was giddy when I was able to get my hands on this one. For those of you who love historical romance with an extra dollop of HEAT ... this is DEFINITELY the book for you. Jeremy left me breathless and tingling from head to toe, and he was instantly added to my book character boyfriend list. Raine is a favorite author of mine, and she has delivered yet ANOTHER swoony romance. So to ccelebrate the release, I wanted to share some of my favorite teasers from the book and a giveaway!!!

Presenting the book I couldn't put down ...

The Undoing Of A Libertine
Raine Miller
Erotic Historical Romance 

Self-serving libertine Jeremy Greymont likes his sex on the rough side and his women anonymous. Perfectly content milling along through life on an existence of courtesans and fine Scotch whisky, Jeremy has a naughty past and his own demons to contend with, but he’s run out of time with his grandfather regardless. Jeremy needs an heir—posthaste. The lovely Georgina seems like the perfect answer to his predicament and intrigues him like no woman ever before. Jeremy can’t wait to get started on the baby-making and is even willing to tone down his preference for the wild romps he’s always enjoyed. There’s always time to teach her about that later, right? But Georgina's demons trump Jeremy's in so many ways. A brutal assault has left her damaged and vowing she can be wife to no man—not even Jeremy Greymont. What is a libertine to do?

 ~ My favorite teasers ~

“I—I thought you were going to be—” She shook her head as if to clear it. “I never thought you’d come back here, or want me.”
“I can’t do anything else, and I don’t care about—what has happened in the past, other than you being hurt by it. I do want you. I want you, Georgina. Marry me. Be with me.”
Pulling back, he bore his eyes into her, willing her to agree. He watched her amber eyes turn sparkly with tears.
He could resolve himself to begging if he had to. He’d made her cry. “Please?” Bringing his forehead down to rest against hers, his arms wrapped around her back, pulling her close. “Marry me.”
“But why—” She struggled to sit up.
He helped her up to sitting. “No buts! I don’t want to talk about—”
She stopped him with her fingers pressing down on his lips. “Jeremy, you deserve someone better than I. Someone who can be a true wife and love you in a way I probably cannot.”
He kissed those sweet fingertips before replying. “Better? Better than you? There is no one better! And you don’t have to love me. You just have to put up with me. I’m not very lovable anyway, I don’t think.” Now that’s an encouraging thing to say to the girl of your dreams. You are such a profound arse!
He took her hand in his and pressed it against his cheek. “I s’pose I’m an idiot for saying such a thing to you. Asking a girl to marry you and then telling her you’re not lovable and won’t she please just say ‘yes’ anyway. It doesn’t really bolster my chances that you’ll accept me, does it? But I am a supreme idiot. I find that has been a common theme whenever I try to talk to you.”
Georgina frowned at him, the space between her eyebrows crinkling. “You’re no idiot, Jeremy.” She shook her head slowly, still with great somberness. “And why do you say you are not lovable?”
“Well, I am selfish and self-indulgent. I have not practiced much restraint in my life, and I am bound to slip up sooner or later. But I am willing to take that chance, and if I have you to help me, Georgina, I am sure I could be a better man than I have been.”
“Your assessment of yourself is an interesting one. I have not seen you behave selfishly or act indulgent ever. As for your lovability, I’m sure you’re wrong there, too, Jeremy.” Her eyes drifted to the side.
“I’d like very much to be wrong about that one,” he told her.
“And so you have come back,” she said.
Georgina moved her fingertips ever so slowly along his jaw, and it took all of his strength to keep still and not devour her with kisses. He wanted to kiss her again. He wanted her safely married to him and in bed where he could kiss her senseless and make love to her for hours and hours.
“As if I have a choice, Georgina. You have wound me into knots. I am so entangled in thoughts of you I could not find my way out if ever I desired.”

 And the second ...

Jeremy extinguished all of the lamps save for the one by the bed. Then he removed his boots. He stretched out next to her on the bed, but stayed on top of the covers.
“May I read you one poem? It is not long,” he asked hopefully.
“Yes, Jeremy, please.”
Georgina turned to face him on her side. Jeremy did the same.
Studying his hands as he held the book, Georgina thought his long fingers splendid of form. She thought about those hands and fingers of his touching her skin in intimate places. Tomorrow he will touch me with those hands.
Jeremy began to read. The sound of him travelled the distance between their bodies, his rich voice speaking the prose with artful flow…

Delight in Disorder.
A Sweet disorder in the dress 
Kindles in clothes a wantonness:
A Lawn about the shoulders thrown 
Into a fine distraction:
An erring Lace which here and there 
Enthralls the Crimson Stomacher: 
A Cuff neglectful, and thereby 
Ribbons to flow confusedly: 
A winning wave (deserving Note) 
In the tempestuous petticoat:
A careless shoe-string, in whose tie
I see a wild civility:
Do more bewitch me than when Art 
Is too precise in every part.

Robert Herrick, Hesperides, 1648 

 Jeremy lifted his eyes from the page over to her face. “I even understand it,” he said. “Fancy that.”
“Tell me.”
“Well, he means that he finds greater beauty in a woman when she is in gentle disarray, rather than having her dressed in perfect, ordered arrangement.”
“Do you agree with him?”
“Yes…I’d say that I do.” He touched a finger to her cheekbone. “It reminds me of you.”
Georgina didn’t say anything. She just looked into his deep blue eyes. She couldn’t. There were no words she could form that would prove adequate for all he’d done since coming to her room tonight. All he’d ever done.
“That first time…when we met in the rain. The night in the library when you came at midnight, wearing your hair down. Right now, in this bed, lying next to me.” He caressed with his finger. “You are never more beautiful to me than when you are like this. As you are right now.”
Georgina leaned in to kiss him, feeling it was the most natural response she could give and knowing there was nothing—no words at least—that she could say after such a beautiful declaration. Instead, she drew as close as possible with the blankets still between them and brought her lips to his. He kissed her back, sweetly and soft.

~ Now for the GIVEAWAY ~

Raine is offering TWO LUCKY WINNERS the following -

An ecopy of The Undoing Of A Libertine
An ecopy of His Perfect Passion

BOTH incredible reads!!

All you need do to enter is

Leave your name and email in the comments
Click on the below link and LIKE Raine's Facebook Author page

Giveaway ends Valentine's Day

To grab your own copy of these books, visit



Vishous said...

Hey, I know Raine. She's good peeps. And that guy looks like he could fight with the Brothers. I'll have to give it a read.

Mandie said...

I would like to read these.

time4mommy @ gmail. com

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious!! Please enter me....brandy wagoner bwagoner_rn@hotmail.com. Thanks!!

Kristina's Books & More said...

These books sound fantastic! I love the covers, too! I'll definitely have to pick them up if I do not win copies.

Thank you for the giveaway and sharing those wonderful excerpts with us! :)


Sarah Kappelmann said...

I have read His Perfect Passion and loved it. Can't wait to read Undoing!


Bri said...

These are next on my list of reads! :D


Melissa said...

I haven't read any of Raine's book but from reading these excerpts I can't wait too!! I didn't know I was missing out on a great author till now. Thanks!!


jsraven77 said...

Looks great! jensankey@rocketmail.com
I hope i get them!!! :D

Joanne said...

I put both of these books on by wishlist. They both sound like great reads.


Anonymous said...

looks like two great books.
Karen- kfcarrasco4@yahoo.com

The ParaNormal Romance Party said...

It sounds really good!! I will check them out!! <3

Samantha dacier
samanthadacier @gmail.com

Anne said...

OMGSH? Does that mean Oh My God So Hot? If so, I'm sold.

I liked Raines FB page Anne M.

Tore said...

I would love to read both books. They sound really good. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

Rayna Freitas said...

I am very excited to read these books! Please enter me in the contest! And guess what my name is? It's "Rayna!"

Rayna Freitas

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read these!!!

Susan Kresnye

MedievalTimes5706 said...

I would love to read these books!!!
Kristina Montana

MedievalTimes5706 said...
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Anonymous said...

They sound really intriguing - thanks for the excerpts as they've really piqued my interest!!

Please enter me into the contest...


melissa dulany said...

They sound amazing! musgrave_03_00@yahoo.com

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