Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Should I Ask Santa For The New Kindle Fire?

I am so indecisive! It took FOREVER for me to finally cave, and purchase a Kindle because I was ADAMANT I was selling my soul to the devil. After going back and forth, I bought the latest Kindle and absolutely LOVED it. I don't know how I lived without it, and it's never far from my reach. Even though I still buy print books, I love being able to highlight and make notes, especially for when I want to remember my favorite parts.

Everything was right in my world, and then what does Amazon do? They release a BIGGER, BETTER and SHINIER version and I'm TORN. I've written out a pros and cons list to see if that helps, but what I need is some outsider input. Here's what I have:


It holds more books
It plays music and movies
It connects to the internet (like iPad)
It has a back light
It has color (covers)


It has bad battery life.
Back light causes eye strain

Looking at my list, seems like a no brainer, right? You'd think, but I keep arguing with myself. Why do I have an ereader? TO READ. Is it really worth upgrading so I can listen to music and watch movies? My first thought is no, because that's what my TV and stereo are for. If I'm traveling, I can use my smart phone for music, and I'm not much for watching. Plus what happens if I can't get to somewhere to recharge the battery? That long life is a HUGE factor.

Being the cover whore I am, I love knowing that I can have a colored ereader, BUT most ebooks I get, I don't usually see the cover so there wouldn't be that squee filled stroking I enjoy. It would be helpful for comic books and magazines, but I don't read them. I'm a romance readers, so my ABS would be in color .... if I saw them! Ugh ... see the indecision?

Money is a factor - I paid $189 for my Kindle and the new Fire is $199. Do I have that? It would be worth it, if I knew I'd get the use out of the device. Do I spend so much on a "Maybe I'll use it?" or do I wait. Another thought is - how many times does a company release product, only to use it as a way to find the kinks before releasing the "new and improved" version. Should I wait to see? This is killing me!!

So my question is this - what are your thoughts? Have you been battling with the same, or have you already purchased it? Are you enjoying it or is it something you could've done with out?


Jordan Butcher said...

I have one and love it! You can see my full thoughts on my blog I put up this morning.

mommy0306 said...

I want one but not for reading. I want it for the other stuff. My son wants it too and he'd love to have it for reading, plus it reminds him of dads iPad so he loves the idea of playing games and watching movies. I don't know that it'll be a right away thing for us. I think well wait till the hype calms down before we purchase one. I don't think I'd want to get away from my eink screen tho. I have a hard time being on the computer staring at a screen for so long... I imagine having to stare at that would really hurt for me.

Marq said...

I have one and love it! I agree about the eyestrain. I find it difficult to read a book on it for long periods of time. But I do love that you see the pretty book covers in color. I've been using my Fire more for streaming, music, internet, social media. The screen is phenomenal and I am so happy that the Netflix app is available. I say it's worth it.

Marta said...

Kindle Fire looks great, but it's a first generation device, so I would wait until the next version comes out. I went through the same thing when I bought my first Kindle: when the next generation came out it was SO much better than the previous one.

But I understand your dilemma, I go through the same thing every time a new device comes out! :)