Monday, November 21, 2011

Blood Oath Is Finally Here!!


It's official - Blood Oath, #3 in the Mystic Wolves series is now available!! And just to give you a teaser, I wanted to share a little snippet ... Mason swoon ....

“I love you.” I smiled up at him, those three words letting him know I’d heard and would follow. Last night scared me, and no amount of independence was worth a repeat. “Now can you finally kiss me?”

 My insides melted as I watched the slow progression of a heart stopping grin cross his face and the way his eyes turned to instant smolder. I licked my lips in anticipation, slightly breathless as I waited for him to lower his head and press his lips against mine.

 “What is it about you that I can’t resist?” he asked, inching painstakingly lower until he hovered just about my mouth, barely touching. His breath was hot, seductive, and it caused a ripple of excitement to course through me.

 “Must be my sparkling personality,” I whispered back, struggling not to close the distance between us. Electricity charged the air, the chemistry of our connection wreaking havoc on my hormones.
He feathered his lips lightly over mine, just the ghost of a touch and I whimpered as he retreated without fully claiming my mouth. “Must be because I can barely remember my name when you look at me like that.” His fingers drew a soft line down the side of my cheek.

 “And how is that?” I purred softly, a sultry tone to my voice. My body felt as if it would explode from the way he seemed to drink me in.

 “Like the world doesn’t exist, but for the two of us. How did I deserve you?” He kissed me again. This time a little slower, pressing harder ...

Don't you just LOVE him???

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