Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maquerade Tour -The Demon Kiss by Lacey Weatherford

Guess what time it is? Yep, it's Masquerade time BUT it also means it's time for....


It's been a whil since I've climbed up onto the roof tops of the book world and declared how AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, EPICLY FANTASTIC the Of Witches and Warlocks series is. If you haven't had a chance to read any of Lacey Weatherford's books, today is your LUCKY day.

As part of the IBC Masquerade event, Lacey is GIVING AWAY to EVERY commenter a copy of the second book, The Demon Kiss. Yes. FREE. All you need do is visit her blog and comment and you can also be entered to win her fabulous prize pack. But wait there's more.... there's an author there today, in disguise and if you can guess who it is, you get points to win a Kindle!!

So, before you head over, let me share my review for The Demon Kiss. Feel free to comment here as well and share what you think! I've said it once and I'll say it forever... LOVE THIS SERIES.


Can someone else's past come back to bite you?
After being drained of nearly all the blood in her body, novice witch, Portia Mullins, wakes up to find that her warlock boyfriend, Vance Mangum, has fled in search of his demon father. Determined to keep him from facing the evil alone Portia follows after him, unknowingly setting herself on the path of a new adventure that will take her, Vance, and their coven over international borders, into a foreign place where they will discover that the black magic which awaits them is far worse than they ever imagined. Portia finds herself tangled up in a web of lies and deceit in another's quest for demonic power in the excitingly romantic second paranormal novel in the Of Witches and Warlocks Series, The Demon Kiss.
Ready for my gush review?

This book left me begging for more and frantically searching the computer looking for the release date of the 3rd book. I think that Lacey Weatherford is a genius. She has followed up her first book (The Trouble With Spells) with a second phenomonal story. The Demon Kiss continues the journey in Portia and Vance's discovery of each other and their magic, with events that seem impossibly difficult and relentless in trying to pull them apart. Having overcome the danger of a near demon conversion, Portia and Vance embark on the journey of facing Vance's father, with the hopes of finally laying to rest the threat that hangs over Vance's fate. As I read each page, I found myself pulled deeper into the story and my emotions became tied to theirs. I loved the dynamics the author developed further with Vance and Portia and I have to say that they are rapidly becoming one of my favorite couples. Portia is more committed to doing all she can to support Vance and Vance is more determined to protect Portia at all costs. Both fall deeper into each other and for all lovers of romance, both of them sizzle on the page. One of my favorite scenes occur when Portia and Vance come face to face with the evilness that is Vance's father, Damien Cummings and as a villan, Damien definitely delivers the goods. Even through the pages he made my skin crawl and that's what I loved so much about reading this book. Not only did the author have my skin crawling, she also had me blushing through the kissing, sighing through the tenderness, laughing at the humor and cheering in those moments where Vance and Portia need it most. She has written the book in a way that engages both the mind and heart of the reader, taking them on a ride that they won't easily forget. I enjoyed every moment of reading this book and I definitely look forward to reading the next book in the series. I absolutely loved this book. Thank you Lacey for writing it.

Now head over to Lacey's blog and claim your copy!!



Collins said...

Sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it, and based on your review it won't be long before I do.

Amber Scott Books said...

This is such a great series!

Tore said...

I would love to read this series. It sounds great.

Denise Z said...

Well I had to hop over from the Masquerade and share some luv and see what you thought about this awesome book; as if I did not know:) I appreciate your participating in this fun event and thank you for your fun review.


LMWeatherford said...

Thank you for hosting me again my lovely Bels!! MUAH! LOVE YOU MUCH!! P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D

KainsHottie said...

Sounds like a good read. Thanks for the review.

wanda f said...

Cant wait to read this sounds fantastic .

Harmonie D said...

I loved the first book and can't wait to read the second one!! Keep em' coming!

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