Friday, October 14, 2011

Land Of Falling Stars Blog Tour with Keta Diablo!

Can I just say ... I am FREAKIN' excited today to have Keta Diablo on my blog today!!
I read one of her books a while ago (Where The Rain Is Made) and she turned me into an INSTANT fan!! I'm all about reading romances FULL of emotion and swoony moments and Keta ... she KNOWS how to deliver. So when I saw she was touring another book of hers, without taking time to think, I signed  up. So without further ado, let me share a book excerpt Keta prepared for everyone *grins*

Land Of Falling Stars


Gavin has returned to Arbor Rose after a discharge from the Union army. In this scene, Sophia is crossing a field with Gavin in her line of vision. She’s tormented by the wild, crazy feelings for the man, feelings she’s suppressed for years.

Sophia hadn't run last night. With Gavin's noontime meal in the linen napkin she carried—cold chunks of rabbit, crusty sourdough bread, and wild raspberries—her emotions warred as she left the manor.

Arbor Rose languished in a verdant cradle of sea green. The rhododendrons flanking the front porch swayed beneath a balmy breeze and roses clung to her mother's trellises. Beyond the empty cotton and tobacco fields, unspoiled forests grew. Well, not wholly unspoiled. Too many army mounts had widened the narrow footpaths when the blue coats fled Fredericksburg and moved on to capture Richmond.

She spied Gavin in the distance ripping apart a dilapidated gate that had once corralled her father's champion bays. His recuperation had resulted in a battle of wills between them for days. Preferring rum and laudanum to the concoctions she forced down his throat―vile herbs he claimed weren't fit for a goat's consumption―Sophia had prevailed. He'd never been able to deny her whims, and she took full advantage of his weakness by using every ploy known to her, including pouting, pleading and perseverance.

Saddened and bewildered by the changes in him, Sophia spent hours trying to sort it out. This included her torrid feelings for the man. A hard-edged restlessness and a cauldron of violence steeped beneath his cool exterior. She'd studied him gazing out her window with the knowledge that whatever haunted him lay miles beyond the borders of Arbor Rose. Pain dwelt in his eyes, so deep, not even she could penetrate it.

With every step she took, Sophia drank in every inch of that hard body. His shirt, a discard from Rolf's generous collection, lay draped over a fence post, revealing the bulging muscles of his chest. Her brother's castoff tan trousers clung to his powerful legs and narrow waist. His long hair, tied with a leather strap at the nape, afforded her a full view of the intense blue eyes and magnificent mouth. A day's stubble etched his jaw line above the tanned skin, which, in the harsh light of day, still lacked a healthy, vibrant hue.

The pulse at the hollow of her throat took on a strange cadence when his smoky gaze licked over her. She drew a deep breath, but it stuck in her dry throat. No matter how many times she told herself it wasn't possible, she couldn't rein in her wild attraction to the man. She spent the better part of the day convincing her dazed brain Jesse would return and the crazy feelings she held for Gavin would evaporate like a mist rolling out to sea. She loved Jesse, not Gavin.

Didn't she?

Like what you read? You can buy Land Of Falling Stars here:
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Now for the even cooler part ... Keta is also giving away an ebook from her back list - WINNER'S CHOICE!! With so many titles to choose from, (you can find them at Keta Diablo's Bookshelf) make sure you enter:

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Simple, right? Keep following the tour and at the end, Keta's having her own giveaway as well!

Land Of Falling Stars Blurb:

After her parents die in a fire, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved home, Arbor Rose. The Civil War has devastated the South, and another blue coat has come to steal her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy inflicts his destruction, she shoots him. And soon discovers the soldier is Gavin, the champion of her childhood.

Gavin's dark secret lurks in Sophia’s future. When she discovers the truth, she's torn between a burning hunger for the man she truly loves and loyalty to Jesse, their childhood friend. The despicable acts of war have changed everything Sophia and Gavin once cherished. Yet somewhere deep in their hearts, the mystical Land of Falling Stars still exists. 



Keta Diablo said...

I love your blog, Belinda! I shouldn't stop in because it always steals a large chunk of my time. So many interesting things to look at and read.

Thanks so much for your kind words and for hosting LAND OF FALLING STARS on your lovely blog.

I hope peeps will leave a comment to win the book of their choice -- and don't forget the Amazon Gift Cert given away on the last day of the tour here:

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and if you read LOFS, I hope you enjoy!

Namaste, Keta

June M. said...

I don't think I have read any stories set during the civil war. This does sound like a good story, with the 3 characters who grew up together and the problems caused by the war. Thanks for sharing with us and the chance to win a backlist book.
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

elaing8 said...

Thanks for sharing the excerpt.The book sounds good.
I am a follower

Tore said...

I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest.I would love to read this book.

Jen B. said...

My first Keta Diablo book was Where The Rain Is Made. This summer I read Decadent Deceptions. I would love the chance to read Land of Falling Stars!

Krysykat said...

Great excerpt and awesome looking cover :)
GFC follower- Krysta Banco


Teresa K. said...


I just love the excerpts your using. I so much have to get this new book of yours. The cover is just gorgeous.

Teresa K.

Robin said...

This looks like a great story!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

winnie said...

I enjoyed the excerpt, thanks for sharing!


latishajean said...

This sounds so good thank you for sharing! Love the cover can't wait to read this one! thanks for the great giveaway!

Julie said...

This book definitely sounds like one I would enjoy reading!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy:)

jwitt33 at live dot com

winnie said...

Would love to be entered for the giveaway, thanks!


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