Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Expendable Blog Tour with author Maggie Jaimeson

It's my PLEASURE to have author Maggie Jaimeson on my blog today to share a book excerpt from her romantic suspense, Expendable. I LOVE sharing excerpts because it's the perfect way to wet your appetite so please .... enjoy and grab yourself a copy!

Book Excerpt

Sometime during the night, Jenna woke and screamed. A man rushed to her bedside and grabbed her arms, pinning her to the bed. She flailed against him, but to no avail.
“What do you want with me? You already killed Tanya. Go ahead. Do it. Kill me! I don’t care. Just do it, you bastard.”
He loosened his grip and spoke softly, “I don’t want to kill you.”
“Then what do you want?” Jenna searched through the darkness. All she could see was the shadow of a tall, muscular man. “I won’t stop looking into my sister’s death. I don’t care how much you threaten me.”
He turned on the bedside lamp and stepped back. “I’m not threatening you. You’re free to go, but I don’t advise it until daylight.”
She took a good look at him. If nothing else, she’d remember what he looked like so she could describe him to a police sketch artist—that is if she got out of here alive. His tawny hair was short, but not shaved like the military. In fact, it was a bit shaggy around the edges. He was tall, at least a foot taller than her, since his head wasn’t that far from the ceiling. In fact, his presence easily took up the whole room. He looked fit and tan. She’d guess he was at least 200 pounds. If he wanted to hurt her, he’d have no problem. And his hands. She glanced to them open at his side, as if he was consciously trying to appear non-aggressive. They were large hands. The knuckles alone were twice the size of hers—definitely a working man’s hands. This was someone who was used to being outdoors, used to pitting himself against nature. She pulled the blanket tighter to herself.
Jenna glanced around the room. Tongue and groove wood lined the walls and ceiling. The queen-size bed was topped in a heavy blanket with a Native American print. A slight breeze
cooled the air through a cracked window on the other side of the room. She shifted and something felt off.
She lifted up the blanket and gasped. “What the hell?” She was in only her underwear and an oversized T-shirt, not her own. No bra. No dress. No stockings.
“You bastard! What did you do to me? Where are my clothes?”
He slowly pulled a chair up to the bedside and she scrambled to the farthest corner away from him, wrapping the sheet around her. His dark brown eyes invited confidences, but she wasn’t in the mood for sharing.
“I’m not going to hurt you—believe me. If I’d wanted to hurt you, you wouldn’t be talking to me now.” He patted the pillow where her head had been. “Please, relax. Come back and we can talk.”
“I’ll stay right here, thank you.” Jenna edged a leg over the side and eyed the door. If he made one move toward her, she’d drop the sheet and run like hell. She didn’t care if she was half naked; it would be better than being raped.
“Start talking,” she said. “What happened after you hit me on the head?”
“I didn’t hit you on the head.”
“Right, and you didn’t kill Tanya, and you didn’t take her baby.” She stared at him, her teeth clenched. She could bite him too, if she had to.
“Who’s Tanya?”

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About the author

During the week, Maggie’s days are spent assisting colleges and universities with technology, distance education, open source software, and open education resources. At night and on the weekends, she journeys into the world of her imagination and writes novels that reflect her passions and her belief that the good guys win in the end and that love will conquer all.

Maggie has published several short stories in romance and science fiction, but since 2004 she has focused on publishing novels. Expendable is her first romantic suspense novel and she promises there will be more. Also currently available is Eternity, an SF with romantic elements; and Undertones, a contemporary romance which is the first in a four book series about the women of the Sweetwater Canyon Band. All of her full length novels are made available in ebook and print by her publishers.

Connect with Maggie online at:
Twitter: @maggiejaimeson
Behind the Book blog where she interviews other authors:


Tore said...

I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

Michele said...

You tantalize us with all these excerpts, then tempt us with book giveaways. Hope I can wait till the end of the tour to find out if I won a book, or am going to buy one.

Nikki said...

That was an awesome review Belinda!! Thank you!! The book sounds very exciting!!

marybelle said...

The more I read, the more I want.


sweety said...

wow!nice Excerpt!!i guess the conversation is between Reed and Jenna.

i am dying to know how this turns out!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Really! This sounds like a wild read. And I can't wait! Thank you for each word!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Thanks for hosting my tour, Belinda, and for posting this excerpt for your followers. Nikki, Michele, Tore,Marybelle, Sweety and 1silyreader, thanks for stopping by today. This excerpt is my editor's favorite and on the inside flap of the book. For those who have been following all the excerpts, yes this is Jenna and Reed talking. And the proverbial S* is about to hit the fan in the next scene.

The last stop is my website, where the e-reader will be drawn. I'll do the drawing on October 30th to allow all my followers a chance to go back and read as many blogs as possible and be eligible for the drawing. Because of the blips we had in scheduling, I'll draw for anyone who followed 10 out of the 14 stops. Talk to you soon.

Susan said...

This scene has so much magic in it. It's my favorite so far! I think I'm half in love with Reed :)

mnjcarter said...

Great excerpt!! Now that is a definite teaser. Would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance!

IdentitySeeker said...

I've heard some really good things said about The Expendables recently and I look forward to reading it:)

Great tour!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Susan, LOL. I AM in love with Reed. Wait until you read how amazing he is with Jenna--particularly in the last chapter. A true hero and love-of-your-life kind of guy for sure.

Idenityseeker, it HAS been a great tour. Belinda has been wonderful making everything happen and trying to keep thing on schedule even when emergencies happen. She's been professional the whole time.

Hope to see each of you signing up at my website and getting a chance at the e-reader.

winnie said...

Interesting excerpt. I think I need to read more! :)