Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The BIG Reveal - Who Was That Masked Author? + WINNER

So, are you ready to know who the masked author was from last week's IBC Masquerade event? Curious to see if you were right? Did you follow the other blogs and wonder where... I was? Well, the BIG reveal has happened (sorry I've been sick) so without further ado, here's where everyone was!!

At Jeremy Rodden’s blog…Ann Charles is none other than “Evil Fonzie” and all her other misnomers.
At Vicki Keiri’s blog…Belinda Boring swooned from the fun!
At Ann Charles’s place…Augusto Pinaud kept you all guessing.
At Maxwell Cynn’s you had a round of drinks with…Amber Scott.
At Rachel Thompson’s…M. Todd Gallowglas jumped the snark!
At Amber Scott’s…Lacey Weatherford fooled few but wooed us all.
At Belinda Boring’s Bookish Snob site…Maxwell Cynn kept his chin up!
At M. Todd Gallowglas…Jackie Chanel rocked it out.
At Jackie Chanel’s…Elena Gray was the one behind the scenes.
At Lacey Weatherford’s…every got to chat with queen of snark herself, Rachel Thompson!
At Augusto Pinaud’s you were really commenting with…Vicki Keire!
At Elena Gray’s scariest stop of all…it was Jeremy Rodden bound and not so gagged!

It was MAXWELL CYNN here so congratulations to all those that guessed right!!! Wasn't he sneaky?

I was over at Vicki Keire's blog and had a COMPLETE BLAST!! I found out that I like being devious and trick, especially when cabana boys are involved. I loved Gifts of the Blood so I hope you all got yourself a copy and look what I got in my email last night...

WOOOHOOOOO my very own cabana boy badge!!! Sexy or what?? Thank you Vicki for opening up your blog to me and letting me be my goofy self. And for those who weren't quite sure it was me ....

Swoon + Swagger + Half dressed men  = ME!!!

Surely Jimmy Thomas gave it away, right? LOL

Now, what else was there?? Oh yeah ... this

The winner of my Mystic Wolves Pack is ...

Joannie Sparks!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came by and commented, for your support and interest in my Mystic Wolves. You can definitely expect more exciting things from them and I'll be participating in my IBC events!! Love you all...

Happy Reading!!