Saturday, October 1, 2011

Be Still My Heart, Damon

How's everyone enjoying The Vampire Diaries?? Isn't the new season amazing?? Each of the new episodes just kill me because it seems over the break, EVERYONE became tortured ... and I LOVE IT!! Damon is his delicious self but look out, Stefan and Tyler are just as YUMMY! I wanted to sob when Stefan called Elena and said nothing... could you feel the heartache and turmoil? Did you want to climb into the TV and cuddle him? AMAZING! I love how snarky Damon is but at the same time, he looks fantastic in that shade of vulnerable. This season is even better because I live down the road from my BFF so we've declared Thursday VD night and watch it swoon together.

Here's the OMGSH though... anyone notice how INCREDIBLE Tyler is?? I admit, I've spent the last 2 months completely DAZZLED by Damon so I'm sure there's a lot of you saying "Umm Bels, I always new he was sexy." So I wanted to dedicate this BSMH,D to Tyler...

The sexiest werewolf on TV!!


Wonder what he's thinking about ... or who?

*insert swoon here* 

He does nerd so well!!

And what gush fest wouldn't be complete without at least one....


Speaking of shirtless... I found this over at Youth Knows No Pain.

Thank heavens for small miracles!

Don't forget ... Thursday nights everyone!!



Chelsea Rafferty said...

I suck.. I was in the middle of transfering cable companies so I totally missed the FIRST show of the season.. I've seen 2, and 3 now and yeah... there's some yummy hotness... mmmmm I totally love Damon too :) I don't really like Stephan vulenerable.. it just doesn't do it for me.. the "good" one lol XD but this season? he's tortured too so yeah that's pretty hot :P I'm digging all three... What about when Tyler carries a certain someone out? :o like how sweet!

Deea said...

Haha I thought the same thing today when I watched the latest episode of TVD! I was watching it with my sister and suddenly I was "whoa! hey, is it just me or Tyler is UBER HOT today?!" And she was "Duh! He's always been, are you blind or something?!" =)) It's so much fun to watch TVD and swoon with someone else. :))

Also, I agree, the Stelena moments were so sweet and heartbreaking! *tear* And Damon?! Oh, Damon... *dreamy sigh* *drool* *faint*

jackie b central texas said...

Thank goodness for my IMac computer and the CW replaying the episodes by the next Monday so at least got to feast my eyes on the cast and their antics for the 15th and 22nd episodes, now just have to wait till this coming Monday the 3rd to watch the episode from the 29th. I also am enjoying my new smart phone that allows me to take my Internet everywhere.

Kyowolf said...

Is it getting hot in here or what? Sexy werewolves!

LMWeatherford said...

Super YUM is all I have to say!!

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