Saturday, September 3, 2011

Get Your Swoon On!

"Sorry. But seriously ... I don't want you there this late, came Maxim's responding text. And then another. I'll be able to help tomorrow ... so call it a night and get home safe and sound. Text me when you're all tucked snug in your bed ... unless you'd rather come on over and be all tucked snug with me in mine ;)
"Actually," Sharlamagne brazenly texted, speaking out loud as she did so, walking toward the front door of the old house, intent on leaving. "I WOULD rather be tucked in with you in yours." It was so much easier to text scandalous flirtations than it was to say  face to face. There were no consequences with texting.
"Then come on over and make it happen."
A startled squeal escaped Sharlamagne's throat at the sound of Maxim's voice. She looked up, blushing as she saw him standing in the doorway, shoving his cell phone in his pocket.

~ The Trove Of The Passion Room, Marcia McClure