Friday, September 9, 2011

David Gandy for Barrons!!!

So with the news of the Fever series becoming a movie spreading like wild fire, every one is on tender hooks .... WHO will play our beloved character, Barrons? You can't just cast anyone and if you're like me who now can't stomach the Twilight series because of Robert Pattinson, only PERFECTION will do. Barrons is a very intense and powerful man. He has incredible presence and is a man of very few words. You want to watch him on the screen and not only think, "My gosh, I want him!" but when he opens his mouth, you forget your name and swear you will give ANYTHING for just a second of his time.

I've been playing on Facebook, talking about who should play him and there's been alot of suggestions ... here's mine. When I think Barrons, I think David Gandy. Not only is the man a walking orgasm but as you listen to his accent, don't you just melt? Look at his eyes.... can you imagine them piercing you? Can you imagine having that body press you up against the wall? Pin you to the cave floor? Dance with you as you're slowly coming back from being Priya? Let me know what you think.....

And because I can't get enough of his photos....



Deea said...

Oh Gosh, I'm so scared!:)) What if they ruin everything with the movies, with bad casting? I'm pretty sure it won't be the case, we're speaking KMM and Dreamworks here. Still... What if?:-s Barrons is too... perfect. He doesn't have just the looks, just the voice, just the attitude, just the baddassery, just the accent, just the lines, etc etc. He has EVERYTHING - and then some! Like you said, you have to see and hear him and forget your name and everything about reality.:)) And that won't be easy to put on screen! David would be a good choice. But I think he would do a better Drustan, if you know what I mean. :)) (from the Highlander series by KMM). I don't know. But never mind me, I'm a bit obsessed with this series - and I'm a perfectionist. :))

Julia Ivashkov(Adrian's girlfriend) said...

he is perfect for barrons!i know him ,but i never asked him if he wants to play in a movies.but to be honest i actually see him like vishous from black dagger brotherhood.

Lori @ Romancing the Darkside said...

I have to admit I wouldn't want my image of the sexy Barrons ruined onscreen but if I had to chose one man it would totally be David Gandy!!!! He is my Jericho Barrons!

Christine Rains said...

OMG! They're making a movie for the Fever series! I'm in heaven... Well, I will be if they do it right. I couldn't think of anyone for Barrons, but wow, David Gandy. Yowza! Good choice. *drools*

Escape by Fiction said...

I whole-heartedly concur. He HAS to be Barrons, he just has to!

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction

Book Savvy Babe said...

Um, yes! I have always thought David Gandy should play barons, he totally fits the role. Book Savvy Babe

loriehudgins said...

He is so perfect! I am so hooked on him it is UNREAL! LOL
He is actually my inspiration for my training/weight loss program. Those times when I am ready to give up and eat that donut or skip the gym, I just picture him on my arm and get focused all over again. So crazy but it actually works! I LOVE THAT YOU CHOSE HIM! :)

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