Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Happens In RomCon, Stays At RomCon - ChocoManGasm!

What happens when you cross chocolate, hunky men and naughty games?? Two hours of crazy fun that leaves you completely breathless and slightly aroused! The post I'm about to show you is NOT for the faint of heart or for those that believe sexy flirting needs to be buried DEEP in the ground with a landmine placed on top of it. I know I'm running a risk here... I've proclaimed to the world that I'm "innocent" and "shy" so this post may shock some LOL I could say it was purely a moment of insanity or that my brain was short circuited from being surrounded by HOT man candy but I suspect there's a lot that will say "Ahhh Bels ... you never really fooled us!" So here you go... PROOF that The Bookish Snob can be just as naughty in real life as she is online. Let's hope I don't regret this.....

We walked into the HIGHLY anticipated event and for the rest of the night, we sat around swapping recipes and knitting patterns. Oh you don't believe that? How about we swapped photos of loved ones and talked about the best cleaning products to use to get rid of tricky stains? Hahahaha yeah, I'm full crap... would you believe this??

Just a little bit of a SQUEE moment! Bet you're wondering what he was whispering and yes, those abs did feel good to the touch!

For two hours straight, it was nothing but unadulterated flirting and giggling! As we walked through the doors, everyone was given a title - you were either a vixen or a slut. I have NO idea why I was chosen as a slut... being the innocent that I was but I embraced it and went over to sit with my fellows nymphos!

Me with Rita from Not Another Romance Blog

We quickly learned the kind of mischief that was prepared for us - around the room were different games and as we participated in each one, we earned money! At the end of the event, there would be an auction and we could bid on mystery gift bags put together by the different authors. Games you say... nothing that bad about some good old fashioned play? Yeah, check these out...

First up, me and my fellow sluts got to play pass the "heavily lubricated red rubber floppy dildo" with author Delilah Marvelle. It made me blush a little and careful just how hard I gripped it but when I saw a 60+ year old woman having a good ol' time... I think I almost choked! Lots of fun and when I got stuck with it... I made sure to shake it!!

 Hehehe that sucker was passed around FAST!

Anyone else disturbed by HOT man candy's expression? LOL

Next game to be played was with author Olivia Cunning and Pin The Item on the Band Member. She had the HOTTEST posters to represent her Sinners. I had a decision to make - did I want to pin the penis on Brian or nipple ring on Trey. Cut out or not, I thought I'd die blushing having to hold Brian's manhood so I opted for Trey.

Some of the posters!

Next it was over to author Melissa Schroeder's table to play Unscramble That Word. You really needed to have a good eye to figure out what "dirty" words were shown and I'm not sure whether I should be disturbed by the fact.... I got them all right! LOL


While I was busy blushing, she was busy flirting and thank goodness I was there to capture the epic HUMP shot. Oh yes, ever wonder what it would be like to be humped by an insanely hot cover model in front of 200 other horny females?? Ask Lacey... she knows...

Dude was like the Energizer Bunny!! LOL Hump.. hump.. hump!

After being "humped" from the front, she got it from behind as well!

Next table was with author Jacquelyn Frank and once again, I had to manhandle a plastic penis! What is it with these erotic authors? Don't they know I'm innocent and easily corrupted?? LOL The object of the game was to stick your finger into the top of the candy penis holder and pull out an M&M. Doing this to music, the person stuck holding it loses. I won one of the games and landed myself $1000 for the auction. Jacquelyn then offered up an additional $500 to the person who, blindfolded, pulled out a green M&M. Yours truly won that as well! I swear I almost DIED laughing!! And a little grossed out when someone ate one of the M&M's that had lube on it SQUICK!

About this time, I remembered there was CHOCOLATE involved in this event and with the auction about to start, I quickly grabbed myself some decadent white chocolate mousse. YUM!

So tasty!! Now if I only I could've got the guys to roll in it!

Oh did I forget to say....

There were SEXY man candies walking around??

Time for the auction and we all took our seats. Here were the rules: count your money and bid for whatever item you wanted. Once you won, any money you had left, needed to be given away. I had about $2200 dollars but every time I placed a bid, I was out done. So being the cheeky person I am, I yelled out "$10,000 and I'm willing to work off the rest!" Who could argue with that stroke of brilliance? LOL I won TWO Brooks Johnson and DIED when I saw where I needed to retrieve them from - his CROTCH!! After walking to the front, bright red and hearing the cheers of "Make it good" I did what any shy, innocent, well respected Bookish Snob would do - I gathered my courage, bent over and grabbed one with my TEETH! Yes, my face, his crotch! As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, he then held the other item hostage and I had to go in from behind (which was oh so tempting to BITE) He stuck it out a little.. his butt now in my face! I stuck my hand through his legs, groped a little and claimed my prize! SOOOOOOOOO red from embarrassment!

After using my teeth. I think I'm just as shocked as he was!

He has a mighty fine butt and strong thighs!!

I won myself two books and Lacey won herself a bottle of wine. The way the guy was acting, we kinda thought it was a dildo! It was Sour Cherry wine and it's a great memento for a fun evening! After that, we floated back to our hotel rooms, giggling and talking to all hours of the night. There's NO WAY we're missing out next year!! And just in case you missed it....

SQUEEEEE Bels Sandwich!


Sassy said...

Girl it looks like you had an awesome time. So jealous lol :D

Nikki said...

Ok wow...What exactly is Ron Con? And yes...Ive been living under a rock:)

Book Dragon said...

where was this and why wasn't I there?

man, you had time to take pictures? ;-)

Stephanie O. said...

Totally FUN!!!!

I'm so happy for you and all your adventures at RomCom.

Stephanie O.

lonewolf said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!

M.D. Christie said...

Oh my GOSH!! I'm blushing and laughing so hard reading this!Sounds like you need a proverbial mother there for both you and Lacey next year! *points to myself*

AngelGoneMad said...

Man..wish I was there!!

Sounds like you had an awesome time..and Bels..I always knew you were a slut lol just kidding! Don't worry I probably would have been on the same team!!

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm xoxo

LMWeatherford said...

It was soooo much fun! I swear I will never forget it!! haha

@M.D. Yeah, "adult" supervision for the two of us might have been beneficial!! ha ha

Book Savvy Babe said...

Haha! Such a good time! At least i'm not implicated in any photos :) The pass the lubricated dildo game was over-the-top fun! This event was like a bachelorette party, without anyone having to get married! I wanna go next year for sure! Book Savvy Babe

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

SHOOT! I so missed this and I'm so bummed. Next time I'm so getting a hotel room and going to this event. :)

Beverly said...

Wow! Looks like you had a ton of fun!!! Wish I could have been there too! I am positively green with envy!