Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're Here - Traveling To RomCon 2011

Guess where I'm sitting? Okay, the title gave it away. I'm sitting in my hotel room with Lacey and we are EXHAUSTED! It feels like we made this EPIC journey to get to Denver and we're resting up for the next two days of play. Of course, there's a party in our room - Mr. Damon Salvatore in all his glory is visiting... via the TV so we're in heaven. Anyway, here's the recap for today....

My boarding pass

After a restless night of tossing and turning on a family members couch and dreaming a new storyline, Lacey and I made it to the airport, just a little nervous. It'd been a long time since we've flown and with heightened security, we didn't know what to expect. I was HOPING for a hunky security guard to whisk me into the back room for a thorough "frisking" and seriously, thought I was going to die when I spied a cute guard and I was NEXT in line. Of course, fate would have it that suddenly another line opened and I was directed to a woman! There went that dream.

One of the planes

The poor cowboy who sat next to us

Yep, that's right! We shared a row with a cowboy and let me tell you, the guy's voice reminded me Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. He was a good sport and he was a fellow reader - Dean Koontz. I contemplated trying to convert him to the wonderful world of romance and the paranormal but he looked like a tough nut to crack so I let him keep his horror LOL

View from the plane - fluffy, fluffy clouds

Don't ask how it happened but Lacey and I got exit seats so we got the "special" stewardess speech about what to do if the plane crashed. Yep, just the kinda thing someone needs to hear when they're nervous. Mr. Cowboy talked about making sure we threw the door outside and Lacey joked about using it as a shield in gunfire. So is it any wonder when she was studying the safety pamphlet, I reached for the liquor menu. Priorities LOL

We arrived safely only to get lost

Anyone else fly into Denver? I was expecting skyscrapers and signs of a busy downtown metropolis. What we got was LOADS of green grass and open spaces. We had to catch a train to get to baggage claim and got lost LOL Thank goodness for helpful airport workers who pointed us in the right direction. We finally got our suitcases - my conservative beige bag and Lacey's bright red Hawaiian print one. We call for the shuttle and get told "Go to Exit 506 and island 3" We're on an island??

Remember the post I did with those crazy statues and monuments? I was DYING to see the Demon Horse which is apparently 30+ ft tall. I've got my camera ready, waiting to be dazzled... have to say I was a little disappointed!

Meet Evil Smurf's mount

Okay, I heard is bigger up close but I was expecting this monstrous thing. Funnily, author Shayla Black shared later it was proof that a man built it - 30+ ft equals 4 inches. It was BLUE!!

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza and checked in. The concierge tried to be sneaky and have me sign $1000 away - never seen me stop a signature as fast as I did. Friendly guy and a great sign that Lacey and I are going to have a blast! The hotel looks so amazing and there's a waterfall feature in the foyer. I'm trying to convince Lacey to come out in the middle of the night to get pictures so we'll see what happens.

We officially registered!!!

The burger that thought it was a wrap!

We decided to eat at the hotel restaurant and it was a blast! True to form, I spilled some food down my shirt, we're pretty sure some book bloggers had a pic of HOT guys up on their hotel room window (they were told to take it down but not before we had a chance to drool) and we were able to watch a bunch of authors meet with one another. We met up with author Erin Quinn and caught up on the latest news. She has a new book coming out in October and she introduced us to Shayla Black - SQUEEE!!

So that's it for now! Tomorrow all the fun starts and the highlight is going to the ChocoMangasm, Historical romance panels and Build Your Own Hero! We promise to take loads of photos.