Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Very Definition Of Torture - Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I am in agony! For those who aren't book fanatics, I know that may seem extreme but for those who share the same passion I do for the books I love, I can almost see you nodding in agreement. What has my panties in a twist this morning? Nothing short of some of THE most delicious characters in paranormal romance - Dark Hunters.

Ever since I finished the last book, I have been DESPERATE for the new release and counting the days down until I buy myself a copy and devour it. Want to know how to drive me insane? Make me wait a YEAR for the next installment! One of the reasons I love indie authors so much with their rapid releasing but aah... I digress.

Finally! The day Retribution is released and I get BRAND NEW Dark Hunters! I'm so giddy right now I'm panting with excitement and I'm in a dilemma. It went on sale some 10 hours ago and do I have my copy? NOOOOOOOOOO! Because I'm trying to be a responsible book junkie and wait until I can get it in hardcover. Are you someone who like all their series to look the same?? I can over look paperback, paperback, paperback, HARDCOVER but skip one because it's on my Kindle.... NEVER! But I want it sooooooooooo bad that I can't stand the wait!

I've gone over and over it in my mind. I can get it on Kindle now and then wait until it comes out on paperback. It'll look like the majority of my collection and I have that instant gratification. I also LOVE reading on my Kindle because I can highlight my favorite parts for future swooning. Crazy thing is even if I got it this very second, I couldn't read it because I have blog tour work to do in preparation for me going to RomCon in two days. But still... I'd HAVE IT! There would be a sexy Dark Hunter in my house, one I've been dying to meet!

I placed a frantic call to my hubby, begging him to PLEASE not forget to buy me a copy. Chances are... he'll forget (I hope not because I really enjoy having him as a husband and I'd have to kill him and then I'd be lonely. I'm kidding... or am I?) The nearest place to buy it is 30 minutes away and I did contemplate walking, crawling if I had to. Hahahaha I didn't realize what a nut job I was until I saw that!

So here I sit, hands shaking a little as I fight the urge to and try to be patient. There's bets happening on Facebook about what I'll do. Will I cave and buy on Kindle or will I be a good girl who realizes "Belinda it's just a book" and waits until her husband brings it home for her? OR will I buy BOTH Kindle and the book and be in a giddy swoon for the rest of the day?

What's a book junkie to do?


Stephanie O. said...

Love it!!!!

Now get to work on those your blog stuff and time will fly!!!

And please everyone pray for her dear hubby, that he does not forget to bring home that book! Amen

Stephanie O.

Stephanie O. said...

I don't know where that THOSE came from . . but ok.

Get to it anyway!


Belinda said...

ROFL! Stephanie, my finger was on the "Click To Buy" button and you saved me! This is pure craziness right here!! I haven't been this giddy since Shadowfever by Karen Moning came out. Dang these authors for getting us addicted!

Belinda said...

I just called him and guess what? He was at Walmart and FORGOT!!!! I'm now taking suggestions on inventive, PAINFUL ways I can kick my hubby's butt!!!

BLHmistress said...

LOL I know I don't have any of the Dark Hunters on my Kindle for PC but I am so so tempted= I got an audio book in the mail but I can't get it to play talk about frustration. Am I not meant to read/listen to Sundown :(.

Stephanie O. said...

No kicking of the hubby butt . . until he FOR SURE walks in without the book.

Give him a chance to redeem himself.

Stephanie O.

After that, let the suggestions roll in if he walks in empty handed.

Belinda said...

He bought it!!!!!!!

ChrisS said...

Yeahh! Good hubby.

mbreakfield said...

Glad you got a copy, I preodered it from amazon and it didn't come today. I really want it, NOW!

Belinda said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you MBreakfield that you get your copy today!! I've started reading and so far.. so good :)