Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exciting New Paranormal Romance - Crave by Stephanie Nelson

I love hanging out on Facebook and Twitter because you never know what you're going to learn or who you're going to meet. One of the fabulous parts of my every day life is that I get to talk to lots of different people - readers, bloggers and authors. I'm part of a writer's group and there's a fellow writer who just released her FIRST book and I'm so excited to share it with everyone! Her name is Stephanie Nelson and her book is called Craved. Not only is this something right up my alley BUT it has a KILLER cover! I took one look and knew I wanted to read it! So let me show you the cover and blurb and see if you agree!


When Gwen reads the headline she knows just who to call, Detective Micah Reynolds, her wolfy ex. She'll have to use her power for being able to read the memories of the dead to lead the police to the murderer. If it were only that easy... Gwen soon finds that witches blood is the hot new drug, brew, the vampires are craving. In her journey to catch the ringleader of the brew distribution Gwen is haunted by an unsettled spirit and tempted by a sexy but frustrating vampire who wants nothing more than to claim her as his. Can Gwen protect her heart...and her veins against the very species that craves her?
Still not sure? How about a sample??
I started up the concrete stairs that led to my second floor apartment, with Aiden following in my wake. I hoped that our place was halfway decent, since I hadn’t been home long enough to really clean and Fiona only did the minimum, but I doubted Aiden would care.
I fished my keys out of my sweater pocket but was frozen in place when Aiden’s energy pushed against my back, sending rivulets of power cascading all around me. I shivered against the feel of it as he pushed my long dark hair to the side and touched his lips to the nape of my neck. It was amazing, that he could turn me on with barely a touch. How I had resisted him for two years was beyond me.
Suddenly the warmth of his lusty power withdrew, leaving me shivering for a completely different reason. I looked over my shoulder just to make sure he was still there.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, afraid of what he might say. He was leaning against the far wall with his arms crossed and looking at me with annoyance.
“I thought you said this case wasn’t about Micah?” he said accusingly. In true Aiden fashion, he had turned me on, only to dump a bucket of ice-cold bullshit onto my head. Otherworldly men were incorrigible. Of course, he’d be able to smell traces of Micah on me, even though we hadn’t touched.
“Aiden, you can either stay and discuss the information you said you had, or you can leave. I don’t have to explain myself to you,” I forced out, with the sudden urge to smack the stupid out of him. Without waiting for his answer, I turned the key in the lock and strode into my apartment. I tried to fling my sweater off, but during my little rant, it got tangled around my arms and I was stuck with what looked like a cashmere straight jacket.
Aiden was in front of me, untangling my limbs by the time I had uttered my third cuss word. I looked up at him and tried to portray the anger I felt, but all I could do was laugh.
“Hold still,” Aiden chuckled as he unbuttoned the rest of my sweater. Finally free of my stupidity, I smacked him on the arm.
“What was that for?”
“You are the most complicated person I’ve ever met! One minute you’re trying to seduce me and the next, you’re pushing every single one of my ‘piss-me-off’ buttons. How I’ve dealt with you for the past two years is beyond me. If…”
My words were suddenly cut off when Aiden smashed his lips on mine. I resisted at first, my anger still burning. I pushed against his chest but he only held me tighter, wrapping an arm around my waist while his other hand tangled in my hair. His tongue darted out, teasingly and my anger was extinguished.
I opened my mouth and accepted what he offered, massaging my tongue with his. Tingles radiated up my thighs and settled between my legs as I felt his hardness press against me. Man could he kiss!
I snuck my hand under his shirt to feel the sinews of muscle that waited underneath. I had wanted to get my hands on his sculpted chest ever since I first met him and I was surely taking the opportunity now that I had it. He answered with a moan that I mimicked and suddenly, there were too many clothes between us for my liking. I made his shirt disappear so that my hands wouldn’t run into any obstacles as I explored his beautiful landscape. He pressed soft kisses all the way down my neck, rendering my body into a boneless mass.

I've read other samples from Craved and it has me EAGER to read the entire book!! I'm sooo moving it up the TBR pile list! And just so you can read it with me, here's the book buying links:

 ~ For Just 99c ~
Happy Reading!!


seaellare said...

The description blurb didn't sound all that great - but the sample has DEFINITELY made me go get it! Thanks for posting it :)!

Amber I @ Awesomesauce said...

I just finished this book and I LOVED LOVED it!! It is now one of my favorites.