Thursday, July 21, 2011

Woke Up To A FEVER - Sex From Barrons POV

Some days when you wake up, the day is just BLAH and you have to build up to greatness. Then there are the days you wake up and I swear, the angels are singing and you are handed a gift so priceless, so unbelievably exciting, that it's everything you can do not to squee yourself to death. Guess what?

Karen Moning just posted NEW BARRONS. Not just NEW but SEX with Barrons *whips out a fan to keep you from overheating and one for myself* O.M.G.S.H. I've read it and I'm DESPERATE to start reading the series again. Once again, Barrons has slipping under my skin, headed straight for my heart and there he sits - dominating. Judge for yourself. See whether you're not beside yourself and frantically searching for your Fever series.

The post comes in FOUR parts. I'll post the first TWO and then you can click through to the site. Enjoy! Just as a warning, Barrons is in FINE form!

JZB Sex: the nuts & bolts of writing it
Do not skip ahead. Foreplay matters:) When I haven’t written for a while—and with the things that have been going on in my life, I haven’t—sinking back into it requires certain exercises.

I write two scenes: what I call the APOE (attitudinal-point-of-entry) and the SPOE (scene point of entry) to establish with whose voice I will enter the story, and where and how I’m going to take the reader in with me. If I fail to nail those two scenes, the ensuing work will ultimately get tossed in the trash.

Sometimes the APOE and/or the SPOE will turn into usable dialogue or a keeper scene, but if it’s been too long since I’ve visited that world or those characters, I may have to set both aside after completion, clear my palate, select a different SPOE and try again to get what I consider good material.

The APOE is always written in the voice of the character I’ll be using. With Barrons, APOE is easy: attitude is his middle name, fuck you is his last. He likes to talk to me, mostly threats. But constructing a bridge from Barrons-talking-smack to Barrons talking in confidential, revealing first person, right…try wrestling a greased pig. While naked and greased yourself. Barrons resists first person like no other character I’ve ever written. He has no desire to share with others. He doesn’t think in words like the rest of my characters. Being inside his head is very different. What sentience exists in his brain I hesitate to call thoughts. Prime directives maybe. There is what he can live with. And what he won’t live without. I bit off more than I could comfortably chew when I promised you a sex scene from Barrons’ point of view. I said ‘comfortably.’ Not more than I could.

The scene you’re getting from me was a bitch to write. Barrons tossed up one barrier after another. And in the end, all I can say is, I won the battle. Too bad I lost the war. Every now and then a writer creates a character they can’t control. Mine is JZB. After this last episode, I won’t try again. Barrons is in charge now. I will never promise a scene from his point of view again, unless he gives it to me, it’s already written, and he says I can make it available publicly.

I tried to write four different sex scenes from Barrons POV. While each one was…interesting, the only one I was able to complete is the one that follows. And when I wrote the final words, I cringed. I sat on it for a few days and thought about it. This morning, near dawn, drifting in that perfect place between sleep and waking where I’d prefer to live, when the body is rousing but not the brain, or morality or responsibility, and I feel as beyond law as Barrons, I heard him growl You crazy-ass writer, you asked. I gave. You judge? Use it. Or. Never. Talk. To. Me. Again.

I recommend you stop reading right now and pick up Darkfever. Read pages 49 to 60 in the mass market paperback. If you have the hardcover version, start a few pages into Chapter 4, beginning with this:

Someone knocking at my door awakened me. I sat up, rubbing gritty, tired eyes that felt as if I’d just shut them seconds ago. It took me a few moments to remember where I was—in a twin bed in a chilly room in Dublin, with rain tapping lightly at the window.
When you’ve finished reading to the end of that scene, come back and continue reading here. In Darkfever, you get Mac’s version of what happened.  Here, you’re going to get Barrons’. I kept his APOE this time. Normally these things never see the light of day but I figured since I’m telling you so much I may as well share it all, just this once.

You think you want this. You think getting words of sex from my point of view will give you the release you’ve been craving since the day you realized that despite all the bad things you know about me, you’d still let me back you against a wall in a dark alley, fuck you so hard you shatter, drop you like a crumpled bag of bones, leave you lying there without a word as I glide away, vanishing into the darkness that is my second skin. You think it would be enough to know what it’s like to have me touch you, swallow you, fill you, treat you like one I won’t kill, a privilege I reserve for precious few. You think when you’re old and death is closing in, sex in a dark alley with me will be that memory that makes you smile and feel extraordinary: that for your many cowardices, you once danced on a high wire above the Grand Canyon, it was ecstasy, you survived, and for those moments you were so very god-damned alive.

You want sex from my point of view because you think you’ll get answers and you’ve already made up your mind what those answers will be. Caveat: any time you ask a question you assume a risk: You must be prepared for any possible response. People never are. Remember what I said about words. Actions talk. Words are worthless. You think to discover in me a vein of vulnerability, a marbling of sensitivity glimpsed only by you because you’re special, so you can proclaim, “Look, Barrons’ torturous past has made him a monster but only because he’s suffered so much. It’s understandable that he lives by no law but his own—a violent, bloody, conscienceless law—but the healing power of my love will restore his demolished humanity!”

Restore means to return a thing that was taken. Mine was not. Make of that what you will. And for the record (fuck you, Ms. Moning) Barrons isn’t my real name. But you may continue calling me by it. For now.

You cling to five simple words I once uttered, “You’re leaving me, Rainbow Girl.” You infuse them with so much meaning, such promise for potential. Remember what I told Fio. Women have been repeating the same mistake since time began: falling for a man’s potential. We rarely see it the same way, and even more rarely care to achieve it.

You promised them sex from my point of view. Should I kill you now or draw it out and make you suffer? You hold one thing over my head. I despise you for it but we’ve attained a truce of sorts. I will cooperate. Mostly. For now.                              
Click HERE For The SCENE

Now excuse me while I go cool off and look for my Fever books!


lonewolf said...

I read it and wow. And the picture on the side! *fanning self* OMG

Chelsea Rafferty said...

just had to comment.... saw this the other day and I was like OMFG from his point of view?? hell yes.. I was texting my BFF like crazy..she got home and then when I told her to read pages she was like umm I lent my books out.. so I had to read them for her.. but yeah I love love love love Barrons.. I would KILL for the books to be written all from his POV *shivers* yum, so erotic

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