Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why Matt Lanter Should Play Vance Mangum

Seeing today is "VANCE IS SWOON-A-LICIOUS DAY", does everyone know how he came to be? Author Lacey Weatherford has shared that her inspiration behind this amazing character is none other than the very SEXY and SWOONY and SIGN INDUCING ... Matt Lanter. Never have I seen a more perfect muse and I LOVE picturing him as I read the books. Vance fans around the WORLD will whole heartedly agree that we need to take this Vance/Matt obsession to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL - we need to convince the powers-that-be to make a movie of the Of Witches And Warlock series.Can you imagine it? Vance on the big screen... in all his GLORY and who better to play it than Matt!

So powers-that-be, here's my


1. Who else could pull off hot bad boy?

2. With all the kissing in the books, can you imagine this?
 (Matt as Liam court on 90210)

3. I want to see him say this line....
"Don't you get it?" he asked me softly, his blue eyes streaked with shots of red in them staring deep into my soul. "I want all of you. I crave all of you. My body is demanding to have all of you, and my emotions are always right behind them. I'm always teetering on the brink of disaster."
~ The Demon Kiss

4. Even though Matt has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes, I think they'd look better.... DEMON RED!

5.  I believe he'd make a MUCH better DEMON than VAMPIRE
(Although I would REALLY love to see Vance biting)

6. He is a PHENOMENAL actor who could play Vance PERFECTLY

You can see him in some of these movies:

The Cutting Edge 3
War Games: The Dead Code
Sorority Row
Vampires Suck (made a MUCH better Edward)
Disaster Movie

He's also on TV as:

Liam Court in The CW 90210
The voice of Anakin Skywalker in Stars Wars: The Clone Wars

7. Because I'm sure the director can be convinced to have Vance shirtless for HALF the movie
(Why should Taylor Lautner have all the fun!)

8. Because just like our beloved Vance, Matt is a good guy!

9. You DON'T want an angry mob of Vance-a-holics waving pitchforks!

And finally...

10. Because it would make my BFF VERY, VERY. VERY Happy!

(Lacey on the left - me on the right)

So how about it? Care to make our dreams and wishes come true?



C.G. Powell said...

I'm voting No...he already has a gig as Cabana boy #3 and someone has to serve me frozen drinks by the pool!

Maybe we can work out a deal...

Belinda said...


LMWeatherford said...

BWAhahahahahahaha! I think I just shot water through my nose!! That's some KILLLER Photoshop skills you got going on with those reds eyes!! I seriously can't stop laughing! I'm totally diggin' the pitchfork crowd too! So funny! These are some of my fav things of Matt! Good job homegirl!! LOL

Bookish Brunette said...

I can think of NO ONE better to play Vance than Matt... Oh the things that man makes me think are NOT appropriate at all... So WIN...

And I think I should SO play Portia, or at least get to you know... lic- I mean... I better stop before I get overheated!

C.G. Powell said...

I love the little pitch fork mob!! It almost had me sold...

Paranormal Opinion said...

LOVE IT!!! Loving the pitchfork mob! All of us in that mob should have extra time with Matt auditioning for the part of Portia! Even those of us that don't look like 16 year old girls that could play the part...

Meg, Caitlin and Laurie T said...

Was that me with the TEAM VANCE shirt up there? Bels, your list is the BEST!! Love all of your reasons.

Mara said...

Short and sweet:
“Hot warlocks rock my world!”
marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Valerie said...

Awww... I love reason #10. Matt HAS to play Vance. Wait, Matt IS Vance! There is no one else!

Books and Bane said...

Shadow kiss? Is this where we put this? I'm so confused!! {To increase your odds of taking home the Smuggler’s Stash, visit The Bookish Snob for a swoon-worthy excerpt from Tracking Shadows. Leave a comment there with the phrase “shadow kiss” for a bonus entry.} LOL!!

nedsped at verizon dot net

LenaM said...

Hot Warlocks rock my world!!
Yes of course Matt should be Vance is there anyone else that could pull that off....I think not!!

Laurie said...

“Hot warlocks rock my world!”
lauriej170 at gmail dot com
Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

AngelGoneMad said...

The pictures with the little people and pitchforks is hilarious! Bels..you crack me up!!

I wholeheartedly agree..Matt Lanter SHOULD play Vance Mangum! So all you film producers, directors etc..get your hands on these books and turn them into films!!

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm xoxo

SusanKMann said...

YES, YES, YES, Matt would be the perfect Vance. There is no other. YES to Matt Lanter. x

Calico Crazy said...

I'm on Vance/Matt/hot kiss overload, what could be better.

We Want To See Vance Lanter!


Eileen (Books R Us) said...

We Want To See Vance Lanter

Eileen (Books R Us) said...

I forgot my email

eileen at booksrusonline.com

heather said...

We want to see Vance Lanter! Great reasons, you've got my vote :)


Krystal said...

"We Want To See Vance Lanter"

I love this post! edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom

melora said...

We Want To See Vance Lanter!

This is a very compellingly constructed argument!

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot}com

Pinky said...

Hi there,

I joined your blog and commented on Lacey's site and just wanted to note: "We Want To See Vance Lanter"!

I don't have a twitter account, but I did post the requested comment on my blog, towards the bottom, and did a "featured author" on my blog for Lacey (twice). I hope that is enough to enter me in the contest to win the series of Lacey's books!

Thank you for the opportunity,

Visit Pinky's Pub

Wicked said...

We Want To See Vance Lanter! (I also want to nibble on him but I don't think that was part of the question).

Lori said...

I follow your blog, posted on Lacey's site and wanted to say "WE WANT TO SEE VANCE LANTER!!!"


ruby95660 said...

"We Want To See Vance Lanter"!


iarvd said...

We want to "see" Vance Lanter!!
Replace see with appropriate and honest words now....


kkellijo said...

I followed your blog, commented on lacey's site. Unfortunately, I don't have a twitter account. I also wanted to note that We Want To See Vance Lanter!! He is extremely hot!!


Anonymous said...

Heck yah!!! Matt is soo HOT!! I vote yes!!


acm05 said...

I vote yes. We want to see Vance Lanter!

GFC Anne38

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Whoo hottie alert. We want to see Vance Latner. And we want him now...

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Robin said...

We Want To See Vance Lanter!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Chelsea Rafferty said...

"We Want To See Vance Lanter"

Wow, so yummy.. I don't know the actor but he is delicious and some of those kissing videos? *fans self* YUMMY! I bet he'd look hot in a cowboy hat *giggles* :D Loving the blog tour!

swtlilangel4jc at yahoo dot com

flchen1 said...

Whoa! We Want To See Vance Lanter!! We do!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

A Girl and Her Dog said...

You mean he isn't already Vance? ;)
thirstyinhere (at) gmail.com

lilyk said...

We Want To See Vance Lanter!


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