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Kiss Me, Seduce Me, Bite Me .... Vance Mangum

Well. No surprise to me that in the TOP THREE FLIRTERS of the MenageABlog Tour,  my BFF and paranormal romance author extraordinaire, Lacey Weatherford is duking it out!! Of course, with a swoony character like Vance Mangum, TRULY ... was there EVER any doubt?


Do you believe it yet? I need to make sure I've done a proper job convincing you all that Vance Mangum is HANDS DOWN the sexiest guy in YA romance(did you know that he is currently on the #1 Best Sellers list for Young Adult Romance? BELIEVE IT!) and that he should OFFICIALLY be crowned the King of the MenageABlog Tour. So hold on to your knickers... I'm going to show you something from EACH of the FOUR books where Vance has had me screaming...


I present to you, VANCE MANGUM through the eyes of The Bookish Snob

Favorite kiss from The Trouble With Spells.

“So was there a specific reason you called?” I asked. “Did you need something?”
“Yes. I needed to hear your voice.”
My heart melted into a puddle instantly and was replaced with the giddy knowledge that he missed me.
“Too sappy?” he asked when I didn’t reply.
“What? No! I mean … I mean I miss you too.” I laughed nervously. “You just caught me off-guard. That was really sweet, and unexpected.”
“I’m going to have to work on my game then, if it’s unexpected.” He chuckled. “Apparently, I need to try a little harder to let you know exactly how I feel.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling nervous butterflies in my stomach at his teasing words.
“I mean if I didn’t think your dad would shoot me, I’d drop everything I was doing right now and come over there. Then I would pound on your door until you opened it up and let me kiss you senseless.”
My breath caught in my throat. “My dad’s not home tonight,” I whispered, and I closed my eyes, trying to imagine the picture he’d just painted.
“Hey, Portia, can you hang on for a sec? I’ll be right back.”
“Sure,” I said, wondering what he was up to now.
I waited for several moments and when he didn’t come back right away I started working on my math problems. After I’d done about five problems, I glanced over at the clock, wondering what had happened to him. He’d been gone for several minutes.
A thought suddenly struck me, and I jumped up off the bed.

       He wouldn’t, would he? I glanced in the mirror running my fingers through my hair and rubbed at some mascara smudged under my eyelashes. That was when I heard a motorcycle engine roaring down the street, and laughter started bubbling up from my chest.
He had!
I bounded down the stairs and over to the front door, flinging it open just in time for me to catch him lifting his hand to knock.
He grinned dragging me out onto the step and into his arms, while reaching behind me to pull the door shut.
“Hey, baby,” he said, stepping forward and pressing me against the door.
“Hey,” I replied breathlessly, grinning up at him.
He dropped his lips to mine, kissing me hotly. His hands ran up into my hair and held my head tightly to his.
I couldn’t even move, my knees were shaking so badly. I could feel his kiss like it was running through my whole body, sending little sparks everywhere. I lifted my hands to grip his shoulders, trying to balance myself.
He seemed to sense my need and moved one of his arms around my waist, pulling our bodies into full contact with one another.
I started to slip my arms up around his neck when suddenly he broke the kiss, stepping away.
“I think that’s enough kissing for tonight,” he said, backing slowly away from me.
“Really?” I asked, unable to contain the disappointment that wove through my voice, and he laughed lifting his finger to shake it back and forth at me.
“Now, now. We’ll have none of that tonight!” He scolded.
“None of what?” I asked, completely confused, watching him as he continued to back away toward his bike.
“No more looking so … kissable!” He grinned and turned to straddle his motorcycle. “Go finish your homework!” he added, not leaving me time to reply before he jump-started the loud engine,

Favorite funny Vance moment in The Demon Kiss

        “Morning, everyone!” Vance said cheerfully as if nothing were amiss, pulling me over to where the food was spread out on the buffet.
The chatter in the room went to complete silence as people looked up at us, taking in our appearance.
I couldn’t even make eye contact with anyone, afraid of what the stares were saying. I let my thick hair fall forward around the sides of my face, trying to hide the humiliation that might be showing there.
But Vance was in a mood this morning, and he was intent on flaunting it for all who were present.
“See anything you want to eat for breakfast, baby?” he said with a smile as he pulled me close up to him, pushing my hair back from my face with one hand as he molded me against his body with the other. He proceeded to french kiss me in front of everyone.
He threaded his fingers into my hair, basically keeping my face pushed against his, so I couldn’t pull away at all. Not that I really wanted to. I had to admit he was the best kisser in the world, and after a moment I forgot where I was. My arms moved involuntarily as they threaded their way around his neck, bringing him even closer to me.
I felt my face flush with color when he let me go, and I remembered where we were.
He, however, was grinning from ear to ear at the response he’d gotten from me, and I could tell he was feeling totally pleased with himself.
“Breakfast?” he asked again, lifting one of his eyebrows in question as he looked at me.
“Uh … the french kiss … um, I mean, the french toast looks good,” I stammered, as I looked over at the buffet.
“French toast it is!” he said, still grinning triumphantly, while proceeding to place some on a plate for me and drowning it with maple syrup.
He took the plate over to the table and sat it down, pulled a chair out, and guided me into it like I was the Queen of England or something.
He bent over to peck my lips again once he had me settled into my place.
“Mmm,” he said as he winked seductively. “You’re sweeter than syrup this morning, Portia.”
I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and I burst out laughing—partially because he was funny, but mostly from the nervous reaction he was causing in me.
“What are you doing?” I asked quietly, my eyes widening in confusion as I looked up at him.
“I want everyone to know exactly how happy I am this morning,” he replied with a smile.
“Well, I think you’re scaring them.” I whispered as I finally braved looking around at everyone else and finding them all watching our little display with extremely avid interest.
He turned, seeing them watching him with quizzical glances, looking like they thought he had gone completely off his rocker. I realized most of the people present had probably never witnessed this side of Vance, or anything even remotely close to it before. He always played the role of the aloof, tortured individual before this point as far as any of them had ever been concerned.
“Now I know you all have seen two people who are crazy in love before. Shut your traps and move along.” He gestured, shooing them away with the back of his hands as if he were addressing a group of unruly children instead of some very educated, powerful, adults.
No one moved, and they continued to stare at him. It was quiet only for a moment though, and then Brad spoke up, breaking the tension.
“We can’t move yet,” he replied sarcastically. “We all need a cold shower after your little display.”

Favorite "I wish I was Portia kissing Vance" moment in Blood of the White Witch

      “Don’t you even touch me!” I protested, and I lifted a finger in warning to him when I saw the wicked glint in his eye.
He laughed seductively.
“Aw, you’re no fun,” he mumbled as he leaned his head in toward me and I shied away from him.
“You’re all sweaty!” I exclaimed.
“Come on, baby. Just one little kiss on the cheek for me then,” he begged, and he tapped his index finger on his face, his eyes sparkling.
I couldn’t resist him. His power of persuasion over me would be my complete undoing. He knew I would do whatever he asked, following him to the ends of the earth and beyond.
I leaned my head in to lightly to place a peck against him, but before my lips landed, he turned his head and kissed me full on the mouth, wrapping his fingers around my chin and holding me there.
Sighing into him, I made up my mind right then and there that if kissing were a sport, Vance would win in every category every time. He could turn my insides to complete mush with even the slightest touch.
He pulled away from me with a chuckle, his face mere millimeters away from mine.
“See, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” he asked with a dimpled grin as his eyes searched mine.
“Go take a shower,” I said, smiling, refusing to give in to his charmingly manly display.
“I want to show you something first,” he said straightening, and that was when I noticed he had something draped over his arm. He lifted it in his hands, revealing a red and green plaid kilt. “What do you think?” he asked with a grin, lifting an eyebrow at me.
“A kilt?” I asked with a slight snicker at the idea of Vance wearing such an article of clothing, completely unable to wrap my mind around the thought. “Where did you get it?”
“Douglas gave it to me,” he smiled. “This is the Cummingses’ tartan, I guess. He said I was part of the family, and I should have one.”
I knew this must be a huge thing for him, to actually be treated like family by his family, and I tried to tone down my humorous reaction.
“Does he want you to wear it tonight to the reception?” I asked, not really sure if I would care for that or not.
He shrugged his shoulders.
“He said I could if I wanted to, but it was up to me since I already bought the other suit,” he said.
“So what’re you going to do?”
“I don’t know.” He chuckled. “I told him I’d think about it. Honestly though, I don’t know if it’s my cup of tea. I have a hard time even wearing the tuxedo.”
“Well, it was a very nice gesture for him to make,” I said.
“I agree,” he replied, leaning down to kiss my cheek. “I’m going to go get in the shower now,” he added.
My eyes followed him as he left the room, before turning to look back at the fire while I contemplated recent events.
I was very happy Vance seemed to be finding his niche with his family and that they seemed to be genuinely receiving him with open arms. Family was something he had always wanted a connection with.
The fire danced in the grate before me, and I soon became caught up in my thoughts, so much so that I didn’t hear him approach again until he spoke to me.
“So what do you think?” he asked and I looked up to see him standing just outside the doorway.
My mouth went slack, and I thought my teeth would fall out onto the floor.
He was standing there, dressed only in the kilt, with the length of plaid thrown up over his shoulder. His wet towel-dried hair stood up messily off his head, and I could smell the scent of his aftershave wafting through the air toward me. He looked down to make an adjustment on the belt at his waist, and all the muscles in his body rippled in response.
My gaze traveled from his head to his toes, and I was afraid to blink for fear this luscious apparition would disappear. He looked like an ancient highlander straight out of a romance novel.
“Well?” he asked me again, when he was done with the adjustment.
I got up out of the chair and walked boldly toward him, grabbing his face in both of my hands and kissing him with every once of my being.
I caught him off guard, but he chuckled against my lips before his arms came tightly around me and he really kissed me back. Threading one hand through his hair, I let the other drift down over his muscled shoulder and over his bulging bicep, squeezing it slightly as I passed.
This evoked a low growl from him, and he moved forward aggressively several steps until I was pressed up against the wall.
He ravaged my mouth until I felt faint from lack of air before he broke the kiss, staring at me as we both gasped for breath.
“So I take it you like the kilt?” he asked with a quirked eyebrow.
“On you, Vance … definitely,” I answered with a nod, breathing heavily, and he pushed into me again, picking right up where he had left off.

Vance at his VERY HOTTEST in the WHOLE series moment in the Dark Rising

      He reached a hand out and pulled my hair away from my neck, before leaning his head next to my ear. "I win," he whispered in a low throaty voice. He traced up the edge of my ear with his tongue.
      Exasperation shot through me at his words, but I couldn’t respond . I silently cursed his father too, for the new powers he was so obviously exhibiting.
      "Twice in one night. I feel so special." He moved to trail his lips up and down the skin of my neck as he spoke. "Though I have to say I didn’t care for the way you left me hanging a few hours ago. That wasn’t nice. I was so frustrated I had to go out and burn off some steam. I’m glad I did now."
      He bit lightly at the surface of my neck and while it wasn’t a full bite, I could tell it was still deep enough to draw blood. I felt little wet welts of it rising up to the surface.
      Inhaling deeply through his nose, he lifted a finger, running it up the side of my throat. He lifted a drop, placing it in his mouth and sucking gently, closing his eyes in complete ecstasy. "You have no idea how good you taste, Portia," he said when he pulled it out.
      He slowly ran his wet finger back over my skin, procuring another drop on the tip. This time he lifted it to my mouth, dipping it inside of my bottom lip and rubbing the blood there.
      "Can you taste it?" he asked seductively as the drop caused a coppery sensation to seep in my mouth. I would have shivered if I could have.
      He quickly flipped me around so I was facing him, and he dipped in to bite me again, this time a little harder. I could feel a small gush trickle out of my skin.
      My blood was on his lips this time when he lifted his head. He leaned in to kiss me full on the mouth, sweeping his tongue heavily inside so the flavor was dripping throughout. I wanted to gag.

      "Do you taste it?" he asked again, pulling back ever-so-slightly. "Laden with all that sweet power, it's the most intoxicating thing I’ve ever savored." He leaned into kiss me again.
I could only stare back since his mental walls stood firm, hoping my eyes were shooting lasers of fire, but it didn’t seem to affect him.
       He lowered his head again and this time licked from the base of my neck clear up to my ear. "Delicious." He nipped at my earlobe, causing it to bleed too, so he could suckle from it as well.

Now that I have you SWOONING and GIDDY and JONSEING for more Vance, I have something HUGE.... something EXCITING..... something that just may illicit a RIOT. For this event ONLY, I am giving away to TWO lucky winners *insert drumroll*

Their own eCopies of The Demon Kiss, Blood of the White Witch and The Dark Rising!
You get your FREE copy of the Trouble With Spells from Lacey and you get the rest of the series from Vance's #1 Devoted Follower!

So what do you need to do to enter:
1. Follow my blog
2. Comment on Lacey's site - Click HERE

For 5 additional points:

Tweet the Following:
Plz RT I agree w/ @thebookishsnob - Kiss Me, Seduce Me, Bite Me Vance Mangum @LMWeatherford Queen of #MenageABlog FLIRT
and say "We Want To See Vance Lanter"

See you over at Lacey's!!


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Ok, I just have to say, I love Vampire Matt the most! Although he's nice in any form. :)

"We want to see Vance Lanter"
Also, I've followed your blog- I think I may already be a follower, but if not, I am now! Also, I've tweeted @vickikeire.

I hopped over here from Lacey's blog, where I commented @ how glad I am she made it to the final three! Go Lacey!
She wants us to post "Kiss Me, Vance!" to have extra entry points.
I think (hope) That's everything.
Good luck, Lacey, and thanks for hosting, Bookish Snob!

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OMG Bel..your photoshopping of Matt had me in stitches! They are so good =) I loved the kilt one *wink*!!

My other half will be wearing a kilt tomorrow =)

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm xoxo

Nikki said...

Ok! This has been fun and Im glad and not surprised that Lacey won...Shes awesome! I tweeted yours @Mc_Carver! and Im already a follower..Nikki.
I want to see Vance Lanter
and for Laceys extra point
Kiss me Vance!!!!

Theresa said...

Top ten reasons why Matt Lanter should play Vance Mangum:
1. Because he's hot.
2. Because I think he's hot.
3. Because my friend thinks he's hot.
4. Because even my mon thinks he's hot.
5. Because he's a great actor.
6. He's great looking
7. Did you see the ab's??
8. He can play any role very well.
9. It would boost ratings for the book if people knew he was going to be in the movie.
10. Did I mention, he's hot?
We Want To See Vance Lanter"

Theresa said...

"Kiss Me Vance!!"

SilkyReader said...


Oh! You are so RIGHT! He is a total HOTTIE! IN EVERY WAY!! I really love this series! Lacey has knowcked it out of this world!!

Thank you! THANK YOU!!

SilkyReader said...

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Plz RT I agree w/ @thebookishsnob - Kiss Me, Seduce Me, Bite Me Vance Mangum @LMWeatherford Queen of #MenageABlog FLIRT


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Here goes nothing!

Top ten reasons why Matt Lanter should play Vance Mangum

1. Goosebump
2. Drool factor
3. Those eyes!
4. Sexy
5. Wish maker
6. Giver of erotic dreams
7. Hot
8. Hotter
9. Talented

Good Luck in the final flirt!!

rojo13864 said...

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I already follow your blog, I just commented on Lacey's site, I commented on your Top Ten Reasons post (and may have drooled on my screen just a bit) and I'm heading over to FB to share it as well.
Once I hit send I'm going back to ignoring my work and reading The Trouble With Spells lol.

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You are an absolute HOOT :) Thank you for participating in this incredibly fun Menage A Blog tour and all the chuckles you have given me. Yes I am a follower (Denise Zaky) who wouldn't want to be part of this cool crowd. I left a comment over on Lacey's site and thank her so much for the fun. KISS ME VANCE !

Top ten reasons well #1 he is a cutie. #2 he is a fine actor. #3 he is a real cutie. #4 I heard there might be a riot if he was not. #5 he is an ubber cutie. #6 I hear he is making the girls giddy. #7 he is a super cutie. #8 lots of folks will rush to see the great film with him starring in it. #9 he is incredibly cute, and last but not least #10 the paramedics need some more work (who doesn't like a cute paramedic?) and I hear there will be lots of swooning going on :) LOL


Linda: By the Book said...

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GFC follower: lindadao2060

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Hi there,

I joined your blog and commented on Lacey's site and just wanted to note: "We Want To See Vance Lanter"!

I don't have a twitter account, but I did post the requested comment on my blog, towards the bottom, and did a "featured author" on my blog for Lacey (twice). I hope that is enough to enter me in the contest to win the series of Lacey's books and for the "5 xtra entries"!

Thank you for the opportunity,

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I'm a GFC follower
Thanks for the giveaway

DANIELA said...

Hi again
well, ten reasons:
1 he is hot
2 he is very hot
3 he is very very hot
4 he has beautiful eyes
5 he is hot, did I mentioned that
6 he has a great body
7 he has a great smile
8 he is very talented
9 he is trouble!
10 he is, well, HOT!

DANIELA said...

Hi again
well, ten reasons:
1 he is hot
2 he is very hot
3 he is very very hot
4 he has beautiful eyes
5 he is hot, did I mentioned that
6 he has a great body
7 he has a great smile
8 he is very talented
9 he is trouble!
10 he is, well, HOT!

Michelle Bledsoe said...

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Thanks for the fun contests and the hot,hot,hot post.

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I am following your blog.

Robin D
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Tweeted :D!/ParanormalAdds/status/94622851033862144

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