Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Difference A Cover Makes!!

I got an email yesterday that made me SQUEE so hard! As much as I laugh over Cover Cringes, I'm more excited when I see an author do a redesign on a cover that doesn't do their story justice. Some of you may have missed it last year, but I reviewed the Jude Magdalyn series by L.M. Pruitt last year and it was like angels came down from heaven and sung songs of praise. I absolutely loved the story - it was the dark, gritty kind of urban fantasy I loved and I really feel the author has a gift for words. Trouble was, I wasn't too keen on the cover. My biggest worry was that people would see her cover and not buy the book because face it, we all have an inner "cover whore" within us. We do judge books by their cover because we like to be visually stimulated. How do you pick your fruit? You look for the most appealing. You don't spend hard earn money on a withered piece of fruit with bruised spots. Same with most things.

I am so excited for L.M. because the email contained a much needed, highly anticipated BRAND SPANKING NEW book cover for Shades of Grey and it is AMAZING! Holy cow the difference a good cover makes! Want to see? Good thing as well -  L.M. is going on book tour with The Bookish Snob Promotions in August so you'll all get to see how awesome she is and get a chance to win the book! Here it is... prepare to SQUEE!

Isn't this GORGEOUS??

To wet your appetite, head over to Smashwords and grab a FREE short from the series called Hole In The Wall. Also keep an eye out for the beginning of the tour!


M.D. Christie said...

Great post!! That is a FABULOUS cover!!! Bels you are so right. Covers do say everything about the book. I loved the fruit analogy!


jackie b central texas said...

Very nice, so glad the "withered piece of fruit" changed into a cover that is sexy and spooky at the same time.

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