Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cover Cringe - Ahhh Too Funny!

It's been a while but this feature has never been far from my mind as I've been researching cover designs. I have three for you today - one that makes me cringe a little, one that makes me giggle and one that makes me shudder and ask "Ewww WHY?" Let me know what you think *grins*

Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

OMGSH! So many reasons why this elicits a cringe - from the title, I would imagine a hot guy... all sudsy from washing dishes, his shirt off because it's wet and there's water dripping down his rock hard abs. Can you see it? Wouldn't you immediately buy the book? But instead, the guy is sitting on the floor, reading a story to a baby that looks like it's either bored with what's being read  or is about to sneeze icky boogers everywhere! Yes, the guy is shirtless but where are the abs?? I NEED abs with my romance... it's a pre-requisite LOL I guess you can give points because the guy is helping out Momma. I just don't know....

I can't stop laughing at this cover and think it's PRICELESS!! I totally understand the outrage of lil' Joe - I'd be flippin' you all off too if I was being labeled "The Error" I downloaded this image a while ago so I'm not sure what it's about but I just love it!

(Rolling on floor laughing with tears streaming down my face and almost peeing my pants)
 LOOK at the face on the slug! It is SOO not impressed! I can almost hear it thinking "You have got to be kidding me... a romance cover? You put me on a romance cover?" And what is the girl doing behind it? She's kinda leaning back but where are her hands? SOOO don't want to know! The black man shape in the back, even though you can't see his facial expressions.. I'm a little worried he's thinking "Oh man, now that's hot!" Ewwww.... Squick..... Body shudder!

Okay, that's it for today. Happy reading!

* Remember, this was all in jest and in no way a slight as author or graphic artist*
If you have a cover you wanted to share, email me!


jackie b central texas said...

The first one is just not doing much for me, the second one however is priceless and unfortunate word choice for a cover with a baby on it, the third one is just too squicky icky for words.... I am glad you found something to make you and the rest of us cover lovers smile Belinda but man oh man what were they thinking with the titles?

lonewolf said...

I'm not getting the first one, the second one had me laughing, but the third one. OMG! My first thought when I saw it was, What is she doing to the slug? And the slug. Who the hell thought it was okay to put a slug on the cover?

Anyway, that was funny. Thanks you. I needed a good laugh.

LindsayWrites said...

these are all just awful lol.

doreen said...

I agree just aweful...the slug was actually cartoon-cutesy.

Ricki said...

I think the worst part about the first one is the look on the guy's face. What's up with the lips? The slug in the third is just too funny.

S.J. Wright said...

I'm SO loving Cover Cringe! I also love the look on the slug's face...LMAO.

Sharon Buchbinder said...

OMG. Truly CRINGEWORTHY. Thanks for the laughs.

The first one looks like Sean Penn badly photoshopped with a badly photoshopped baby's head...and the badly photoshopped woman in the doorway.

Yeah, poor baby! on # 2 and

#3--The slug looks like he should be in the Muppet movie saying, "Hellooo--and whoa, what is that chick doing behind me--hey, stop, it, that tickles!"

Kim said...

These were coffee out of the nose worthy!!

Lisa said...

Oh, thank God - there ARE covers out there worse than mine :) :) :)

...Er - is that slug knitted, by any chance? Made out of a pink sock, maybe...?

Just askin' ;) xx

BooksforCompany said...

Do they get worse every post or is it just me? LOL