Monday, July 18, 2011

Come Get Your Flirt On... Menage A Blog Style - Free eBooks

** WARNING:  Be prepared to have your heart stolen. **

Presented by the FABULOUS people of the Indie Book Collective, the goal is to bring amazing authors and readers together in events that dazzle and promise fantastic reading. Here is your opportunity as a reader to reach out and connection with authors who are just dying to meet you. Perfect, right? But WAIT - if that isn't incentive enough, visit the websites of each of the authors, follow the instructions and their ebook is YOURS! Yes, comment and you get a free ebook. The authors participating in this event are some of the best out there so prepare to be SEDUCED, FLIRTED with and WOOED!

Today, I find myself DEEPLY conflicted. Out of the three authors taking part today, I absolutely ADORE two of them - Amber Scott, author of Fierce Dawn and Deena Remiel, author of Brethren Beginnings. Both these ladies know how to write romance that not only has you swooning but leave you desperate for the next installment. So who do I root for? Who do I want to win? How about I leave it up to you... let me share a few things and then share your thoughts in the comments.


"I can't remember how many pages I was in before I knew that I was smitten with Elijah and wondering how the heck I could have my husband grow wings. I read for the emotion of the story, to identify well with the characters and with this book - I drowned in it and I felt a strong connection with Sadie. So strong, I felt everything alongside her. This was just the kind of book I devour and crave and I was so glad for the opportunity to review it."
~ Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott
To keep reading my review, click HERE

"WOW. Double WOW! Now that I've regained my senses, can I quickly laugh? I know... not exactly the kind of reaction you'd think you'd get from me so let me explain. Having met Deena (SQUEE) and read her book, Trinity (SQUEE x2) I was excited for the chance to read Brethren Beginnings for the Menage A Blog Tour she was participating in. One of the first things Deena said was "But it has no romance!" and it's to that I now chuckle. Dear, dear Deena - yes, I love romance but I love just as passionately HUNKY, SEXY, TORTURED heroes and you gave them to me in a breathtaking fashion! Everyone... clear a space in your hearts because the Brethren have ARRIVED!"

~ Brethren Beginnings by Deena Remiel
To keep reading my review, click HERE

Swoony moment
"Shhh." he said. He kissed her fingers when her hands tried to pull down him closer. "I'm not going anywhere, love." He laid her hands at her sides. "If I'm going to do the unforgivable, I'm going to make every moment worth my soul."
~ Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott

"He barely recognized the man he had become anymore.
"Who am I?" he bellowed as he flew over Boynton Canyon, His sentiment reverberated throughout the deep caverns, reinforcing his frustration. He descended on one of the larger peaks of Cathedral Rock and sat down. "Who am I?" he repeated in no more than a hushed, child-like voice."
 ~ Brethren Beginnings by Deena Scott

The Hero

"*insert swoon* Elijah was and is a STUD! He was so dang stubborn that if it wasn't for the fact I'd probably end up attacking him with kisses, I'd have belted him over the head a few times. This man is determined, focused and committed to his cause and like any alpha male, is totally unhinged by the presence of a woman in his life. Not just any woman though, HIS woman and one that won't take no for an answer. I loved watching him squirm, got annoyed when he would give in and then pull away and completely melted when he finally followed his heart. I loved the power that he exuded, the protectiveness he had and I don't think I'd EVER want to wake up if Elijah was in my dreams. I could see why Sadie fell in love with him - he was completely endearing ... male pride and all. *insert another swoon just for good measure*" (from review)
~Elijah, Fierce Dawn

"So who was my favorite Brethren? Gabriel, who reached out and saved a group of young people caught up in the depravity of being under the control of a horrible pimp? Nathanael, the tortured angel worried he is losing his grip on the good in him as he delights in delivering justice to the unrighteous? Or Cassiel, the healer who brings joy to sick children and stops at nothing to protect them from the influence of evil? While I loved them all and each made me a little giddy, I confess... Nathanael stole my heart and claimed me his! Sure, I was swayed by the leather pants, boots and sword but it was the inner conflict he had, the despair he felt because he didn't feel quite "right" anymore. Being a defender of all that is good, he knew he was on a slippery slope and it was pointing down to Hell. So tortured, so delicious, so ready for me to swoop in a save him."
~ Nathanael, Brethren Beginnings

Can you see why I'm conflicted now? PLEASE help me decide and head over to the following sites and support Amber and Deena. Make sure you comment to win your own copies of THESE books!
Deena's site: Deena Remiel's Place



Eileen (Books R Us) said...


Eileen at

Laura said...

I haven't read Brethren Beginnings yet, but I have to agree with you regarding Elijah and Amber's Fierce Dawn. TOO HOT TO HANDLE!!!

cardinole said...

I absolutely loved Amber Scotts Fierce Dawn! It was fantastic! That being said, I give her my vote because unfortunately I have not read Brethren Beginnings yet. Of course I plan to fix that problem very soon!:-)

Laura G.

cardinole said...

Oops! Forgot to comment
“Too HOT to Handle!”

Laura G.

Book Savvy Babe said...

I haven’t had the chance to read Brethren Beginnings yet, but I will say that Elijah from Fierce Dawn is “TOO HOT TO HANDLE!”
Book Savvy Babe

Jennifer McDonald said...

Fierce Dawn should have come with a warning label "Too Hot To Handle". I read that book in one sitting because Elijah was yummy. I haven't read the other book but if it is as hot as Fierce Dawn I will be all over it.

Anonymous said...

To Hot To Handle~ Fierce Dawn is Hottttt!

Wendy Watts

kkellijo said...

Too HOT to Handle!

Elizabeth said...

Haven't read Fierce Dawn yet and look forward to reading Brethren Beginnings also. "Too Hot to Handle"!

Deena said...

Well, ladies, I agree, Amber's Fierce Dawn is fierce! I even wrote that on my review. lol I think you will find yourselves seduced by my angels even when you're asleep. If you haven't yet, come by my post and get yourself a free read of Brethren Beginnings... ;)

Ms Bookish, thank you so much for your phenomenal review of Brethren Beginnnings. To make you swoon is a thrill of mine! Love you!

Denise Z said...

Okay this is just too hard because I love, love both of these authors. I have been following them for a while and their work is wonderful. You should definitely know this tour is just "Too HOT to Handle!" and that "I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren Angels closer!" Thanks for participating in the fun today.


winnie said...

I enjoyed reading your spotlighting post! You actually reminded me about this event, so thanks for that :) I'm excited to read these myself and I keep hearing that Fierce Dawn is "Too Hot to Handle!" lol ;)


Toni said...

I have not had a chance to read either yet. Deena's is on my TBR pile and I do believe I will be adding Amber too. Heck I think I'm even a member of her Hot Club. Better get busy adding her to my TBR. Both of these ladies are:
“Too HOT to Handle!” I don't envy your decision.


ardeeeichelmann said...

Too HOT To Handle!

Calico Crazy said...

I'm looking forward to reading both of these even if they are "Too HOT to Handle!"

onecrazycalico at yahoo dot com

Stephanie O. said...

Too HOT to Handle!

Looking forward to new books to read.

Stephanie O.

JoAnna said...

Too HOT to Handle!

Calico Crazy said...

Just have to say...

“I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

onecrazycalico at yahoo dot com

skkresnye said...

Too HOT to Handle

candrbeyer said...

Great reviews.
I keep my enemies close, but my Breathten Angles closer.
too hot to handle
thanks Rhonda

Anita said...

To Hot To Handle!!!


Krissy said...

Hope to read both soon and that they are “Too HOT to Handle!”

L.M. Stull said...

Love, Love, LOVE Amber's books! They are Too HOT to Handle! :)

melora said...

I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Anonymous said...

Love Ambers.. Looking to win ..that would be cool

amanda underscore cornejo (at) yahoo (dot) com

cardinole said...

“I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

Can't wait to read this series!!!

Laura G.

Meredith said...

I haven't read books by either of these! Thanks for the review!

meredithfl at gmail dot com

Belinda said...

Wooohooooo!! I hope everyone's getting their free copies of these two books! I know both Amber and Deena are working hard at the next installments so make sure you're caught up because I know the next books are going to ROCK!

“I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

"TOO Hot To Handle!"

Amber Scott said...

Oh wow! Bels, looks like you are seriously Too Hot to Handle!
I adore this post and you mucho mucho!

wanda f said...

Too HOT to Handle

wanda f said...

“I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

Mara said...

This is all Too Hot to Handle!
marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Mara said...

I'm back for deena:

“I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

Kristina's Books & More said...

Too hot to handle!

Whoo! *wipes brow* So much hawt angel goodness! ;)

"I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!"

Jamie.Fiske said...

To HOT to handle!

dreamsgate said...

What can I say, I haven't read Bretheren Beginnings yet, but I know that Amber and Fierce Dawn are Too Hot to Handle

Belinda said...

Come on guys!!!! Tortured warrior angel??? Doesn't that just tug at your heart strings and other places?? Sure Elijah is the seductively handsome angel as well that makes you all melty inside... *wipes drool* Dang it! Still no closer to choosing... Can I have them both... a Bookish Snob Angel Lovin' sandwich? PLEASSEEE! It really is the only answer LOL

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

Both authors write books TOO HOT TO HANDLE! I don't know how you're going to decide! Good luck!


LMAC said...

I've only read Feirce Dawn but if you are having troubles Bels trying to decide between that and Brethren Beginnings, I SO need to read it! Elijah is so yummy, yummy!

_yay_ said...

The lovely Amber gave away a free copy (ebook) of Fierce Dawn and I will read it ASAP. The cover of Brethren Beginnings looks awesome, too. TOO HOT TO HANDLE

wanda f said...


acm05 said...

Too Hot to Handle!
I keep my enemies close, but my brethren angels closer!

Theresa M said...

Too HOT to Handle!

Theresa M said...

“I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

Chelsea Rafferty said...

I haven't read either of these series YET but I did get a copy of Deena's so I'm starting this asap.. I would LOVE to try Amber's as well ;) I'm going to visit all the blogs in the next few days but I'd love a copy of Ambers.. I'll come back once I've read both to debate which one.. though I think I'll have a hard time deciding as well ;)

swtlilangel4jc at yahoo dot com

Valerie said...

I haven't heard of either of these books before. They both sound very interesting.

All I can say is that Belinda is DEFINITELY Too Hot to Handle!

momofthree said...

Too hot to handle

momofthree said...

Too hot to handle

LorcaDamon said...

Woohoo! Definitely Too Hot To Handle!!!

LizzieBeth said...


Tami V. said...

And the rose goes to...
Deena Remiel and Amber Scott!!!!
Sorry ladies, you're like potato chips... I can't pick just one fabulous author!!

Good luck ladies!!! :)

Amy said...

"I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!" Too hot to handle!!


missyebookmail said...

Love your disclaimer!!
Can't wait to read these extremely “Too HOT to Handle!” stories! Can't wait to meet these angels!!


missyebookmail AT mediacombb DOT net

Kanya said...

Fierce Dawn seems too hot to handle!
Kanya :)


~ Babs ~ said...

To Hot To Handle

Bhitwr at gmail dot com

Karysa Faire said...

I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!

Deena shared Jimmy with me, so my vote's got to go to her! ;-)

Anonymous said...

“Too HOT to Handle!”
Thanks for the great reviews and the tour has been awesome so far.

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