Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Roll-A-Rama #5 - Supernatural Snark

What do you get when you mix a love of reading the supernatural and
a healthy dose of sarcastic humor?



I love visiting this blog because Jenny has the helpful side bar filled with upcoming releases and for the scatter brained reader that I am, sometimes I need reminding. Also with all the books out there, its easy to overlook. She reviews both adult and YA paranormal/urban fantasy and has a wicked sense of humor. Here's what you can find over on her blog:



Some Memes:

My favorite  feature - Cover Critique

So head on over and say hello!

*please note: I set this post up a month or so ago, and forgot to post it... so some of these links are not her latest stuff but more fun for you to explore, right? LOL *