Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BLB Tours - Gotta Love A Cowboy Guest Post

(Click to visit Sandy's site)

I'm excited! You all know that I'm a complete fang/fur/plaid/title kinda girl ... if the hero is supernatural or talks with a brogue, I'm ALL over that story. But did you know there's another hero who is just as sexy? I know I overlooked him - the hunky cowboy! I signed up for the BLB tour for Gotta Love A Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan and today she's going to tell us all about it *grins*

Welcome Sandy...

What is it about cowboys? Why do they turn our heads when they walk by in those tight jeans, a shirt that stretches so enticingly across their chest and the pointed-toe cowboy boots?

I'm here to tell you…I don't have a clue!

Okay well maybe just a little depending on who you talk to. Many, many of my author friends and readers alike have given me a little insight into why we are so hot for cowboys. The consensus is, they are polite, holding your door, saying yes ma'am and no ma'am, most are very fit physically and look awesome in a pair of tight jeans, they have manners when it comes to dealing with people, their families and their own loved ones and did I saw they look awesome in tight jeans? Okay, yeah, I'm a little bit fixated on that part. LOL
Personally, a man who is strong enough to work from sun up until sundown taking care of things whether it's working at a job or working on the farm, is such a turn on. Yes, I'm married and no, he's not a cowboy—not even close, but he is the hardest working man I know. He'll work 4 jobs if I needed him to, help me with the housework such as dishes, laundry, feeding our animals (yes, I have horses) or whatever I ask him to do, and still want to make love to me like a man of 20. No, I'm not a cougar until 2.5 years counts. LOL
I do have a couple of guys who tend to be my inspiration when I write my next cowboy hero, Clay Walker and Chris Young. If you don't know who these talented gentlemen are, you need to check them out. Once a year I get to cuddle up to this guys for my fifteen seconds of personal time with them and it came about last week at CMA fest here in Nashville. I belong to both of these guys' fan clubs, thus my fifteen seconds being their one and only. Now if you're into cougar, check out Chris. He just turned 26 the other day, but he's a local boy for me since he's from a town literally fifteen minutes from me. Unfortunately for me, he's a bit beyond my cougarism. LOL But man, this young man's voice could melt butter and give you goose bumps with each note. 
Clay? Clay's my guy. I've been following this talented man in 1993 and I've lost count how many times I've met him. He such a sweetie and he loves his fans. I have a shirt I wear every time I get to meet him and when I went to his fan club party last week, he told me, "You do know how much I love that shirt, right?" My t-shirt says Kiss Me If You're Clay Walker. Then after my hug, he said, "I can kiss you because I am Clay Walker."

Both of these guys are real cowboys. They grew up on farm in their respective states and to me they are the perfect example of why we love cowboys.

~ Sandy

Gotta Love A Cowboy
Sandy Sullivan
Western Romance
Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Ann Marie needs a horse trainer to ready her prized stallion to run for the money. When hunky horseman Travis Brooks answers her ad, she knows he’s the man for the job. But is she willing to let go of her husband’s memory and open up her heart to Travis? Travis Brooks knows horses. But women? He can take ‘em or leave ‘em—mostly leave ‘em—especially since his divorce. Ann Marie pushes all his buttons and he’s not quite sure what to do with her. Can a stubborn horseman and one feisty rancher find love in the heat of the Texas Plains?


Carol L. said...

Hi Sandy,
I have to say from the star that I love your books. Your Heroes are the genuine thing.:)
That picture of the Cowboy i the black hat is gorgeous.And don't get me started on Jimmy Thomas. lol
Please count me in.
Carol L

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