Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arizona Dreamin' 2011 - Romance Reader Event!

For those of you who didn't know, a few weeks ago I got to do something I've been Dreamin' of ever since I started blogging - I went to a book event! Being in Arizona, everything is so far away so I was so excited when I saw there was a ROMANCE convention happening a few hours away. So, I gathered my friends and we went... SO MUCH SWOONY FUN!! Of course, now I get to share with you all.... so here's what happened.

Me, Lacey, Kamery, M.d
(I was entrusted with the bond money hehehe)

First item of business was we needed to sign in and pick which of the amazing authors we wanted to meet in their assigned book clubs. There were alot to chose from but here's who I visited:

Deena Remiel - Paranormal Romance
Carrie Ryan - Erotic / Paranormal Romance
Tami Van Gurp - Erotica / Contemporary
Erin Quinn - Paranormal Romance
Amber Scott - Paranormal Romance

I'm telling you these ladies are AMAZING! They were so friendly and open, no pretenses and they were eager to answer any and every questions we asked. I really wanted to also sit in with Erin Kellison but she was uber popular and I couldn't get in fast enough. The book clubs were later in the evening (after dinner and yummy Jimmy) and we were able to hear some of the authors read from their books. Excited me... I won TWO books - Echoes by Erin Grady and Irish Moon by Amber Scott (both signed SQUEE!)

Before all this fun though, there was DEFINTELY a hot moment.... or hour where I seriously thought I was going to overheat (I actually did but it wasn't from this.. hmmm maybe I should've said it was and Jimmy could've rescued me) Have you seen this man before?

His name is Jimmy Thomas and he's an international cover model extraordinaire! He created a company called Romance Novel Covers and shoots his own shots that he then sells as stockphotos. He's graced over 1000 romance covers (He's going to be on 3 of mine LOL) and he was THERE! Picture this if you will..... a bed, a sexy man and a woman in just a thong.... kissing, touching, moving against each other. HOT AS HECK, right? Now include a bunch of blushing women, lights and a photographer and you'd be with me at a erotic photoshoot! Seriously guys, I didn't know where to look but it was incredible! I got front row seats (courtesy of being in a cast and crutches) and it was a GLORIOUS hour! Of course, Lacey and I couldn't resist...

In Jimmy's bed! And yes, I tweeted it!

I had the most surreal experience when I went to the book store (went there TWO times!!) I can get pretty fan girl and squee over things, but I got squeed over!! Author Morgan Kearns was there, talking about her book and when she found out who I was, she got excited and asked for MY photo! "Oh my gosh you're The Bookish Snob, you're everywhere!" I bought a copy of Fade To Black, so I can't wait to read it. I won't tell you all how much money I spent... it may lead to an intervention LOL

Morgan and I

Thanks to Deena Remiel (brilliant author), we were able to get tickets for the dinner and author panels and we sat at her table. The food was pretty delicious (I was sick so I kinda picked at it) and we were able to listen to alot of great Arizonian authors share why they write in the genre they do, a little bit about what they've done in their careers and other questions from the audience. I loved watching some of them, how personable and funny they were.

Us girls with Deena (red tank)

Erin Quinn (such a sweetheart)

Tami Van Gurp
 (she was the reason I made the second trip to the bookstore, she was awesome!)

After dinner, I'll admit I had a ONE TRACK mind. It was Jimmy dessert time - for a $10 donation he was posing for photos with  everyone. I was SO nervous because this guy in person is breathtaking and so approachable and real. Don't tell anyone but I am UBER shy but I got my photo!!

Guess where my hand was? SQUEE on his THIGH!!

I didn't get my hump shot (I later shared that with some ladies and they thought I wanted a photo where... oh it's too embarassing to type without thinking I'm some kind of deviant LOL) but I did have Jimmy on his hands and knees before me.....

I think I almost hyperventilated... I had a little voice in my head going "He's touching me.. he's touching me!" followed by "Oh gosh, I hope my cast doesn't smell!" LOL

The rest of the night passed going to the different book clubs and having a blast!

Finally got to meet Amber Scott!!

It was so much fun and I'm excited to go back and do it all again next year! So want to see the goodies I got?



Some were free, some I won and there's 3 missing - Erin Kellison's two books and Trinity by Deena Remiel


LOTS of books marks and cards... LOTS

So what's next.... ROMCON 2011!!

Anyone have a favorite event they've been to or one they're dying to go to?


Ladybug07999 said...

I love it!!

That smile on your face, says it all!

And dear, I already know how much you spent (I think, lol) . . and yes you need an intervention. But to say that and mean would mean I too need one and I'm not going there!

Thanks for sharing!!!

wordgirl said...

That looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing it with us and making us jealous - swag, free books, JIMMY, ahhhh!!!

LMWeatherford said...

Sooooooo much fun and we didn't even go to jail! (Though some of the things we saw probably should havebeen illegal!) Can't wait for RomCom!!

BLHmistress said...

OOOH you lucky girl I could stare at Jimmy all night LOL what did you see huh? got my curiousity up ??

Amber Scott said...

I LOVE that you held the bond money! I can't wait for next year's. Be there, please, please!

jackie b central texas said...

I am glad you got to go and the smile on your face would light up a room from sheer joy Belinda!

Having my sights set on going to Romcon someday I am jealous but know that you will share the fun you have there too with us so will live vicariously through you!

The one and only event I have to share is going the weekend of June 11th and meeting Nalini Singh, Rachel Caine, Diana Love and sitting at the table and having lunch with Vicki Pettersson... Not only were they wonderfully friendly but all the authors that were at the Boas and Tiaras 2011 Dallas High Tea on Saturday the 11th were fabulously gracious and very approachable to all of us fans who came to the event...

I am now looking forward to going to Readers and Ritas at the same Hotel in November and it will be a 2 day event with a masquerade Ball on Saturday night so even more fun and getting to meet some bloggers that I have chatted with online should be really fun too!
I am looking

lynnrush said...

Wow. This looks like you had so much fun. That's awesome! Love the pics!

Chelsea B. said...

Sounds like an amazing time! Oh, and Fade to Black is a fantastic book! It tug, tug, tugs at your heartstrings :-)

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