Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stolen Dreams Blog Tour - Guest Post by Author Stacey Kennedy

I am GIDDY to have author Stacey Kennedy back on my blog today as part of the Stolen Dreams Blog Tour, hosted by Book Lovin' Bitches. Stacey was one of my WOOOHOO author finds last year and she repeatedly dazzles me with her stories. I have yet to read anything by her that I haven't loved and Stolen Dreams.... STUNNING! Of course, I may be biased... the book is dedicated to me *blushes* so please, read and enjoy, then when you're finished, buy yourself a copy because it's just that good! Also friend her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter (@Stacey_Kennedy)... she is VERY interactive and friendly with everyone and she's an amazing person! I love her to PIECES!!

Over to you Stacey...

I’m so excited to be here at Bookish Snob to chat with you all today about Stolen Dreams!! So, let’s to get it. How do write a romance where the hero is a ghost? How is it possible to write love scenes where the hero and heroine cannot touch?

Let me first say Stolen Dreams made me dig down deep creatively. I’d never written a ghost romance before, and it hadn’t clued into me that the sex scene might be a challenge until I got to it. Since none of the normal rules apply it took a little thought about how they could find some sort of pleasure together. But my concern didn’t last long. Kipp showed me the way…and in the end I was shocked myself by hot the scene turned out.

Truthfully, I think the fact that Kipp is a ghost made the scene that much hotter. The inability for them to touch each made the love scenes take on an edge that I wasn’t expecting, nor did I intend to write. There’s no kissing, no gentle embraces, but I think I’ll let you judge for yourself if you think Tess and Kipp take passion to a whole nother level…

*Steam Alert*


“Slowly reach up for the hem of your shirt and remove it,” Kipp instructed, his tone controlled.

I did as he asked and took the hem of my jersey knit shirt in hand. The softness of it just added to my tranquil state. It wasn’t hard for me to understand why Kipp insisted I keep my eyes shut, it took the awkwardness away. If I didn’t have to look at him, I had no reason to be shy. I pulled the shirt off as the cool breeze swirled around me.

“Remove your pants.”

I tucked my fingers into the rim of my cotton pajama pants, pulled them down, then kicked them away with my foot. When I stood fully, Kipp groaned. I smiled, pleased that I’d grabbed a black lace thong and matching bra tonight.

“Reach back, unclip your bra and let it fall down your arms.”

Without hesitation, I flicked the little hooks then let the lace straps slide down my arms until they swept past my hands.

Kipp’s sharp breath hitched before he said, “Panties, now.”

Slipping my fingers into the waistband, I pulled straight down and lifted each leg free from the lingerie. I flung my panties straight at Kipp, which I knew would go straight through him, but I liked the attempt of teasing him.

A second later, he shouted, “Fuck.”

I snapped my eyes open as I did my best to cover myself with my arms. “What...” I started, then I caught his expression. I lowered my arms to my sides, incapable of speech.

His jaw clenched, fists tight, muscles quivered―this was a man grasping at the last remnants of control. All of this was gentle compared to what lay in his eyes. A look that women swooned

over and what fantasies were built on. His intent, hunger and focus was for me and me alone. Nothing would satiate him. No one could cure him from this. Only my body would ease the torment he suffered now.

And it could never be, which made me wonder if doing this was cruel. It was like placing a juicy steak in front of a hungry lion.

His breath hitched, his expression told me he did not want me to put my clothes on any time soon. “I expected to find a beautiful woman beneath your clothes―never did I anticipate the sweetness that’s before me now.” After a lingering appreciative look, he nodded toward the chair in the corner. “Because I suspect you will continue to open your eyes, grab the scarf and tie it
around your eyes.”

It wasn’t an option really, it was a demand I didn’t intend to refuse. I took the scarf from the chair, tied it tightly around my face and darkness overtook me. It surprised me I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, shy or nervous. I liked this. In fact, I wanted more. With the blindfold secure, I lowered my arms to rest against at my sides. “What now?”

“Sit down on the bed.” Reaching back, I felt for the edge of the mattress. When I found it, I sat down. “Lie back, shift to the center.”

I skimmed my way up the bed until I found the pillow. I laid down and placed my head against it. The darkness around me gave strength to other senses. My hearing was sharper and his deep aroused breaths were loud.

“I’m going to touch you.” His voice was now very close to my ear.

Preparing myself, I sucked in a hard breath and waited, unsure of what he was going to touch. The anticipation was beginning to make me shudder in need.

“Now, if I could,” His voice filled with longing, “I would kiss you here.”

His frosty touch hit the plumpest part of my mouth. Parting my lips, the bitter air swept across me to awaken every nerve- ending in my body. I licked out to moisten my lips. My warm tongue connected with the chill of his touch and my body erupted into a long deep shudder.

“Then, I would taste you here.” He ran his finger along the edge of my jaw then down my neck slowly.

I gasped, unable to hold back. My heated flesh and the contact of his frosty touch created a multiple of sensations to send me into sensory overload.

“I’d taste your shoulders,” his finger feathered along my skin, “and arms, right along here.”

BUY LINK - http://www.staceykennedy.com/books/the-lingering-spirit-series/stolen-dreams/
MY REVIEW - Stolen Dreams by Stacey Kennedy


Stacey Kennedy is an avid lover of urban fantasy/paranormal romance and erotic romance. If she isn't plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she's got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband. Be sure to drop her a line at www.staceykennedy.com, she loves to hear from her readers.


Ladybug07999 said...

I loved this book. I'll admit, yep the love/sex scene blew me away. I was completely amazed at what I had read. I found my self thinking . . she can't do that (put a love scene in a book with a ghost). OH YES she can!!! She did and it ROCKED!

Pssst . . if you purchase through Amazon right now you can find out for yourself just how HOT it is for only .99!


Savannah Chase said...

First off love the cover and the book sounds fantastic...

Belinda said...

I LOVED this book - absolutely 100%! Stacey never fails to entertain me and havem e swooning.!

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