Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review Request - A Warning And A Giggle!

A month or so ago my email got hacked! Scary as heck because everyone on my contact list was sent an informative sales pitch on how I just LOVE my motorcycle so wouldn't they like to click on the link and get one? *rolls eyes* Luckily, people knew it wasn't me and there was no harm done but I've been VERY wary ever since. Have you ever got those emails from Hotmail Live Team asking for account info? You're never sure whether it's REALLY Hotmail and I was told it's a virus, another way jerks like to mess with us. So I don't touch them and most times I have no problem. *cue music* That is until today.

I have a dilemma. Authors are always emailing and asking if I'd like to review their books. Today I got an email but instead of it being sent from the author, it was sent by.... Hotmail Live Team! Hehe have they broken out into the book world? Picked up a side job? It makes me wonder - are jerks THAT desperate to hack my laptop that they'll masquerade as authors now? So I don't know what to do. The author is legit - he has a book but I can't find an email to contact him.

I talked with my BFF and she shared that hackers are getting trickier... they're starting to disguise their attempts as something you'd be interested in. I know it's a scam if I'm being sold penis enlargement pills or other crap like that. But if it's book related? I'm hesitant. So I just wanted to share and send out a warning - this may be for real... or it may not. Be careful and if you get hacked? Let me know and we'll hunt together... hackers tick me off!

Ok, now here's the giggle part - I opened the email on my phone (I thought it was safer - rather my phone crash than my email/laptop) and read the message. Even the way it was set up made me question whether it was for real... it wasn't written like most queries but it's the beginning that had me giggling.. what do you think?

"Dear Bookish Snob,

I thought the following might arouse your curiosity. This is hetero (I couldn't quite work out whether your site is gay)"

PLEASE tell me someone else choked reading that!! I seriously had to check my blog and see whether it had been hacked and replaced by something different LOL Couldn't quite work out. Didn't the semi naked men give it away? The picture of me... a girl? Posts about my husband? The reviews I've written where I GUSH and LUST after the hero? Honestly, please tell me if somehow I've been remiss in my duties as a lover of romance and MEN, to show my appreciation! *giggles*

So, to reinforce my stance as a GIRLY lover of all things men.....  I give you ..... ME and sexy men!!

ME!!! I have GIRLY bits!!


My husband!! He likes my GIRLY bits *winks*

And here's me gushing...

Good gosh... muscles and tatts! And look at the V *drools*


Move over honey, I need to cool off too!!


David Gandy... you are a GOD!!

Sorry I LOVE this pic!! LOL

Seriously think I'm going to SWOON!

Do I need to continue? Anyone else need to be reassured where my heart and loins lie? ROFL - it's been such a rough couple of weeks... heck make that months and I was in desperate need of a good giggle. Hoax or a misunderstanding, this was just what I needed.

Glad we had this chat LOL


Jen the bibliophile said...

LMFAO!! I think I was crying a bit. Really? They couldn't figure it out?

I've been super nervous lately about emails for book review requests. Sad that people resort to hacking. I keep changing my email password in the hopes that it helps, but who knows *sigh*. Thanks for the warning!

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

V.K. Tremain said...

LOL Thank god for that! I'm not sure I really believe you Bels, I may need further proof ;)

Rie Conley said...

Hilarious! and scary all at the same time.

Ever since PSN got hacked, I'm sorta terrified of my information being used to mess up so much of my life.

Rie @ Mission to Read

Jennifer A said...

LMAO!! Really?? It's pretty obvious what your site is. At least to me. :) It's girly with sexy men on it.

I think it's kind of a weird comment either way though.

Bummer about your email getting hacked. :( I've had a few scares before too. I think my personal email gets targeted quite a bit because it has my name in it. :/ I had a weird email today that makes me think I need to change my password again. *sigh*

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

LOL :) Thanks for the giggle this morning! :)

Gabrielle said...

I agree it sounds ridiculous, but I have a friend who reads a lot of blogs and every time she sees pics of hot men like you have, she asks, "Don't these women know most of these men are gay?"

I've tried to explain to her that it wouldn't matter if they were from the moon since they look good, but she always asks.

I think your site is quite feminine, for what it's worth. The bows sort of give it away. :)

ChrisS said...

Lol. No, question and glad you can laugh about it. However, I was really enjoying the pics and wouldn't mind seeing a few more.
Love the tat and water ones :-)

India Drummond said...

Oh that's hilarious. But to be fair, he seems to be asking if your site is gay, not if YOU are gay. lmao. Maybe blogspot has something it's been hiding from us?

Julie said...

OMG! That's hilarious, Bels! Thank you for the laugh! I needed that... LOL

Mandy P. said...

too funny! Any time you need to post hot pics to remind us of your orientation, feel free... ;) I certainly did not mind drooling...er, looking at those. :)

LMW said...

I died when you said you got this email. Seriously...have they really LOOKED at your site? Crazy! Too funny!
The Delusional Diaries

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