Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MOTHERLOAD of Ebook Freebies!

Holy moley guys! I about passed out when I saw all the free books. These are Kindle so I'm not sure if it's also the same with Barnes & Noble. I know I usually show both links, but my foot is killing so I'm going to make this quick... Enjoy everyone!

Okay, I think that's a good start... there's 89 free romance ebooks - ranging from short stories to novellas to full novels. Definitely check it out... here's the link



Redd said...

um.. so where are they? *grins*

Belinda said...

Hehehe I pushed publish too early. My computer is possessed.

Ladybug07999 said...

The Hunger is $1 at
Matchmakers 2.0 is .99 at
The Charmer is 2.99 at
The Mudlark is .99 at
Almost Perfect is .99 at

The ones not listed above are available for free through Barnes and Noble.

CharliDenae said...

Thanks for the list! Some of them I already had, but a lot I didn't. I love books, especially when they're free!! LOL!!

I hope your foot feels better!!

Char ox

Mandy P. said...

thanks for the list, Bels!!

Krysta said...

Thanks for the links :) I didn't have some of the ebooks so I'm excited to read them.

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