Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Guest Posting Over At Tigris Eden About Highlanders!

Tigris Eden and JoJo's Book Corner have been celebrating 30 Days of Highlanders and invited me to take part in it today! I'm over with Tigris on her blog, sharing my love for these hunky men so head on over and check it out!!

Highlander, Oh How I Love Thee …
Let Me Count The Ways

If you’re like me, just the mention of these uber sexy men in kilts and you’re in a partial swoon, fanning yourself before you over heat. Highlander! *swoons* Yep, gets me every time!

There’s something about their overwhelming masculinity and raw power that speaks to my heart and has me craving them. I recently read To Conquer A Highlander by Mary Wine and she summed up these amazing warriors perfectly:

“Highlanders. They were feared for good reason. If you expected them to act like other men, you would be shown the error of your thinking quickly. Maybe it was the harsher climate into which they were born; or perhaps it was bred into them. Whatever reason, Highlanders possessed a determination that was unmatched.”

I’m a lover of the Alpha male and you can’t get more alpha than Highlanders. In everything they do, they ooze strength, pig headedness and a fiery passion. I honestly don’t know how these heroines can handle it – but I love the way they wage a battle of wills against them, literally turning these men’s worlds upside down.

I remember scouring through Amazon a few years ago, looking for some new paranormal romance to read. I was pretty new to the genre and I couldn’t read the books fast enough. I stumbled across Brenda Joyce’s Masters of Time series and thought “Hmm time travelling Highlanders… I guess it might be okay.” I was so hesitant when the books finally came *rolls eyes* I wasn’t “sure” if I’d like a guy that wasn’t a vampire or werewolf *snorts* It didn’t take long before I was hopelessly in love and I went on a Highlander rampage – a new book every day for two months. My appetite was insatiable and an addiction was born.

So what is it that gets me so excited? Highlanders are just like any other guy, right? Oh heck no! They are incredible and here’s a few reasons why – to keep reading, click HERE to visit Tigris's blog