Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hedgeland Blog Tour - Book Excerpt

Welcome, welcome everyone! I am UBER excited because today I'm hosting a fellow Aussie on my blog! Author Ann Nyland hails from New South Wales (same as me!) and she makes me completely homesick! She's written an urban fantasy novel called Hedgeland and is currently touring blogs. Today, she's sharing a book excerpt and I encourage you to buy yourself a copy! Here's what the book is about....

Book Blurb
Hedgeland, an urban fantasy of time travel. Dr April Neuland, a Professor of Ancient Languages turned non-fiction writer, has been plagued by dreams all her life, dreams of her past life in the Otherworld. Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension of April's past and Caridwen's future, Worthing, a Future History Professor, has allied with the Military to access Future Internet communications and use new technology to influence April to write an ebook novel revealing where she, in her past life as Caridwen, hid the Kiste, a device to travel through time and space. Hedgeland weaves all three time/space frames: Caridwen, Worthing, and April. Hedgeland is the first in the Hedgecraft Sequence, but is a fully self contained novel with no cliff hangers.

Today's feature is a fun book excerpt..

Chapter 2. Present.

I grew up in a Haunted House. Amityville Horror? Huh! Tame by comparison.

When I was about the age of three, I started seeing entities. One was particularly scary. I called it "The Fat;" it was round and pale, with little black legs and arms, tiny little black eyes, and a strange mouth that looked like two overlapping mouths at once. The apparition would appear in my bedroom most nights and strike me with fear.

I often saw two women outside the house, but my mother didn't see them. The very way they moved was terrifying. They did not walk, but glided over the ground. I knew they ate human flesh.

One night I saw an evil clown bending over me. It was the very embodiment of malevolence. I pulled the sheet over my head but could still see the clown. My parents of course thought it was a dream when I told them the next morning, but I hadn't been asleep.

Another time I was chatting to a tall man who sat on the end of my bed late at night. He was a friendly, nice man. My mother came into my bedroom to ask me who I was talking to. I told her I was speaking to the giant on the end of my bed. My mother told me that there are no such things as giants. Of course, I had just meant a tall man; my mother wasn't up with the lexicographical inadequacies of children. The man sat there the whole time that my mother was telling me he didn't exist. I wasn't quite three years old at the time.

Pretty cool, huh?

To buy yourself a copy - Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Tomorrow the tour visits Alise On Life

About The Author

Author Dr Ann Nyland was on Faculty at the University of New England, Australia. She is a grammar pedant, ancient languages translator, and best selling non-fiction author of such books as The Complete Books of Enoch; Angels, Archangels and Angel Categories: What the Ancients Said; The Book of Jubilees; A Devil of a Job to Find Satan in the Bible, among others.


Ladybug07999 said...

That does sound pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!!!


krysykat said...

I won this book and I just received it in the mail today, I'm so excited to read it :)

DrANyland said...

Great it arrived, krysykat, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Ladybug07999! Bookish Snob, just woke up here in Oz to a freezing morning. I will have to send you some Tim Tams!

Belinda said...

OMGSH Tim Tams are my FAVORITE! You know what I miss though? Milo and Chicken Twisties and Smith's Chicken Chips. I'm going to DIE when I'm pregnant and I crave those foods. I think I need to have my dr medically say I need to be transported home for my pregnancy. Nothing cures stuff than sitting on the beach, toes scunched in the sand, eating fish and chips :) Love it!!

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Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

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