Sunday, May 8, 2011

Got A Nickel? Then This Vampire Anthology Can Be Yours!

I just had to share this deal because you can't go wrong with an anthology totally dedicated to vampire romance for only 5 CENTS at Amazon. Sorry Nookies, I didn't see it over at B&N...

Love Bites
30 authors - edited by Trisha Telep
Paranormal Romance

AMAZON - Click here for your copy!!

A wonderful variety of compellingly original vampire stories, many of them wholly unexpected, from award-winning, New York Times bestselling authors. There are typical vampires who would be right at home in a horror story or a gothic romance; historical vampires; contemporary, gritty, urban vampires; fang-in-cheek comedy; boy-meets-girl sweetheart stories (if a little bloodier!); and erotic tales of inhuman passions and midnight pleasures. Look out, too, for stand-alone stories relating to existing series and characters of contributing authors, or stories which develop more fully characters who have only walk-on parts in those authors' longer fiction. Includes writing by big-name authors such as Jennifer Ashley, Kim Harrison writing as Dawn Cook, Caitlin Kittredge, Diane Whiteside and Eileen Wilks.