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Bestseller Of The Day - Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott

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Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott!

This is an AMAZING paranormal romance and I gave it my COMPLETELY SEDUCED rating. I couldn't get enough of Sadie and Elijah *insert swoon* Oh, Elijah... how I love you. Have you had a chance to read Fierce Dawn yet? Here's the blurb...

“X-MEN action meets True Blood heat.” -Ann Charles Nearly Departed In Deadwood, 2010 Daphne Winner

“Intensely satisfying!” -Carolyn McCray Kindle Bestselling author, 30 Pieces of Silver

Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after Sadie Graves. Elijah Stokes, the man who haunts her dreams, enters her reality claiming she’s transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer human. Battle lines are drawn and blood spills as the two fight not only for Sadie’s life, but for all of mankind's as well.

I LOVED reading this book (here's my REVIEW) and when Amber asked me to be part of BotD, I asked her for something special to share with you all... here is a NEVER READ BEFORE scene - The night club scene from Elijah's point of view!! Woohoo!!


The dance club smelled of human mating season—sweaty, perfumed and booze-ridden. Elijah ignored the stink and watched Sadie. The guy she stood talking to set Elijah’s teeth on edge. Something about the human’s vibration felt wrong. Off.

He couldn’t approach Sadie in this large a crowd. Not after her reaction to him in the library. If just seeing him had sidetracked her enough to have her crashing a book cart there, what would she do here?

Guilt slapped at him. The stricken look on her face as she scrambled to right the cart and replace the books branded into his memory. He shook off the image.

He had a responsibility. Protect Sadie until she could protect herself.

The music changed. Sadie’s vibration shifted with it. The lilt in her inner hum whispered his way. Bass thumped out of the speakers. Pale blue lights cascaded over the backlit dance floor. More bodies joined the clutch, moving and grinding to the beat.

Elijah’s chest pressed with the shift in her. He could feel her decide and when she nodded to the guy standing next to her then turned for the dance floor, Elijah’s energy cloak faltered.

The light flickered over her bare back as she zigzagged through dancers to the center of the floor. The human followed her, his signal’s tone growing more sinister. Elijah’s pulse kicked higher.

He swallowed, gathering his energy inward so as to remain undetected. Her back muscles outlined in shimmering light. The curve of her jaw. The line of her throat. Sadie swayed with the beat and Elijah could not look away. The music seemed to dance with her, an energy all its own, surrounding her in tendrils of light and beat.

A weight settled at the top of his gut.

Sadie ran her hands through her hair. The pale tresses fell to her back, swishing there. Did her hair tickle the surface of her warm skin? The weight in his stomach slid lower.

Too low.

The realization jolted him, snapping his attention back to the whole of the club. Getting distracted would put her at risk.

Besides, he had no business reacting to any human. Even a changeling human.

Sadie left the dance floor. She began searching the perimeter, likely for the woman she came with. Elijah should know where her companion was. He didn’t. Anger tightened his scalp. He should know where her companion went. He couldn’t risk taking his eyes off of Sadie. They guy she’d danced with might have left her, but his vibration warned he’d be back.

Elijah remained still, focused on keeping his energy even keel. Plenty of time to rage later when detection wouldn’t matter. Sadie’s panic pushed out in waves. Elijah watched, ready to spring to her aid, willing her to find her companion, to stay calm.

Sadie paused, she turned. The light hit the hollow of her collarbone. Elijah’s pulse quickened, his cloaking faltered. Her mouth parted, her eyes widened. Adrenaline shot through him. For a sliver of a second Elijah swore, Sadie saw him.

All of him.

Right down to his trembling wings.

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If that wasn't exciting enough,
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 Amber Scott will be giving away an Amazon Kindle to one lucky winner who purchases Fierce Dawn during the promotion on May 18th and fills out the form located on the http://bestsellerforaday.com site. Signing up the for event newsletter earns readers extra entries toward the Kindle, too! Additionally, any reader who purchases Fierce Dawn through May 18th can request a signed ebook copy of it after submitting proof of purchase in the form of a five word phrase from the middle of the book sent by email to amberscottbooks@gmail.com!

 About Amber

In between naptimes and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters’ addictive lives. She often burns dinner, is a sucker for chocolate and still believes in happily ever after. She makes her home in hot Arizona with her two children, husband, and one day, two cats.
Contact info:
amberscottbooks@gmail.com (for readers)
amberromances@yahoo.com (for main contact)
Twitter: @amberscottbooks
Weblog: http://amberscottbooks.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmberScottBooks

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Thanks for coming by and enjoy Fierce Dawn!


IreneRJ said...

Just checked it out on amazon uk and for us UK readers it's only 70p

Ladybug07999 said...

NICE never before read scene! Just as stated by Bookish Snob, this book was AWESOME! I enjoyed reading it as well! Please, swing by Amazon and pick up a copy today!


BLHmistress said...

I agree everyone should read this book it was incredible I loved loved loved it. I so can't wait for the next book.

LMW said...

I'mdefinitely going to buy this! Thanks for sharing! Sounds fab! :)

Kelli McCracken said...

Love this "never read before" scene! Elijah and Sadie are my new favorite power couple. Go Amber! Fierce Dawn rocks!

LMAC said...

Just finished this book this weekend and absolutely loved it!!!

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