Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Writer's Page Update - Heart to Heart & Some New Writing

Isn't my Muse beautiful? I sat down with her today and had a good long talk with her. Well I chatted and she twirled around, swaying her hips and fluttering around the room in what used to be her prettiest dress. I asked her what was going on.. why she seemed so quiet lately.. so hesitant to come play with me and I hate to admit it but it's all my fault. Just one look at the lack luster of her gown's material showed me I'd allowed my stress to affect her. Judging by the way she can't seem to keep still, my fear and self doubt has caused her to feel a little stifled. This just can't continue. I'm not happy and the tears gathering in her eyes, tell me she isn't either. So we came to a compromise - I'll try to lighten up and just write...  to read more, click HERE

I wrote something new as well...

Without Mercy

The click of the gun’s safety being released stopped me dead in my tracks. I didn’t need to turn around to see that death had finally caught us. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and grimaced.
We had missed out on freedom by mere moments and as my heart raced, adrenaline coursing through my body, I couldn’t help the feeling of defeat that crashed over me.
To come so close and be stopped was devastating.
The hand holding tight onto mine squeezed and I dug deep for courage. Jasmine would be terrified enough without seeing the fear in my eyes and if I was ever going to get us out of this, I needed to keep her calm. Or at least calmer than me.
Giving her a look I hoped conveyed confidence, I motioned for her to keep quiet as I positioned her behind my body and turned to face our attacker. All night I had felt the person breathing down our necks, always in pursuit and it felt good to finally put a face to the shadow.
The first thing I saw was the gun, aimed straight at me with the finger poised over the trigger ready to shoot. The hand holding it was steady and trained to adjust to every movement and without thinking, I shied to left and back again. Without hesitation, the gun’s motion mimicked mine.... to read more, click HERE