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Tale of Two Goblins - Character Interview

I am SO excited for today because as part of the A Tale of Two Goblins Blog Tour with author H.P. Mallory I get to do an interview. Not just any interview either - as a lover of all things HUNKY, I put in my request to interview one of the guys from the book. GUESS WHAT?? I don't have just one of the guys... I HAVE THEM ALL. Yes, yours truly got to interview Knight, Bram AND Quillan and I had alot of fun with them *winks* See what kind of mischief a lusty Bookish Snob can get up to.....

Me: Hi guys, thanks for coming by today. It's not everyday I get to sit in the same room as three sexy men *swoons alittle* so please.. by all means, make yourself comfortable... take your shoes off..shirt...pants *giggles* I'm kidding *looks to the floor and blushes* How about we sit over here *points to a set of comfy couches*

Knight: (chuckling) Thanks for inviting us
Quillan: Yes, thank you.
Bram: I am pleased to disrobe, if that pleases you, Ms. Snob.

Me: So, I wanted to have you guys over and kind of get a feel of you because you need to know, we love Dulcie and we're pretty protective of her. Judging from the book, you all feel something for her so let's just lay everything out on the table shall we.

Knight glances at Bram and Quillan and frowns. Quillan nods at your words, to show he's in agreement and Bram tends to his fingernails.

Me: I think the question on everyone's minds are what are your true intentions towards Dulcie. That girl has had her heart messed with by that jerk Jack so we want to make sure whoever she chooses is going to treat her right.

How about you go first Bram, by the way love the fangs *winks*

(Bram smiles). Perhaps you might like to sample them? My bite will not hurt.

Me: *shivers* seriously... you'd bite me? *starts to move closer but realizes that there are others in the room and the purpose for the meeting* We can talk more later, Bram... let's get through the interview first.

Bram: I have known Sweet for a long while--when she first began working for the ANC and I have always harbored a soft spot for her. I respect her as I have never respected another woman. She is strong and determined and that is what first attracted me. I find I am constantly restraining myself when in her midst as I desire her with all my soul.

(Knight chuckles and shakes his head. Bram frowns at him)

Me: I gotta question your motives Quillan. She trusted you and you let her down BIG time but here you are again. You going to make another play for her or you willing to step aside and let Knight and Bram take their shots?

Quillan shakes his head and sighs.

Quillan: There is more to this story than I can admit but suffice it to say that I care for Dulcie and I always have. If anyone ever hurt her, I would destroy them. I will not allow either of these two (glances at both of them) to have anything to do with her because she is too good for either of them, especially the vampire.

(Bram hisses at him).

Me: That leaves you Knight *carefully disguised swoon* You seem to be the favorite but for all that hunky goodness, we still don't know much about you. We want to believe you'll treat Dulcie well but.... *reaches out and touches leg* convince us.

Knight: I believe in showing, not telling, Ms. Snob. So, as far as my feelings for Dulcie and my intentions, I guess you'll just have to keep reading our books.

Me: Always the evasive, Knight *shakes head* Always the tease.

Hmmm, you guys make it so tough. You're going to have to answer some more questions. We want you to make Dulcie swoon - she needs it so I'm going to give you the swoon test. You ready?

Knight: Absolutely
Quillan: Bring it on
Bram: Swoon test? I do not understand this.

Me: Where would you take Dulcie out for the perfect date?

Bram: We have been on the perfect date many times. The Chateus
Knight: I prefer more intimate encounters. I would cook dinner for her at my place and end the night with a glass of wine underneath the stars.
Quillan: I'd just love to spend some one on one time with Dulce, laughing about the fact that the three of us are even answering these questions about her.

Me: *lets out a chuckle* She would think this was pretty funny.

Next question, you can tell alot about a guy by the way he kisses. Each of you describe the perfect kiss

Bram- Something deep with the faintest taste of blood
Knight- I have to admit that the best kiss I've ever had was Dulcie's. It was perfect because it was hot, spur of the moment, wet and once she wrapped her legs around me, that did it.
Quillan- (shaking his head at Knight's admission). Something sweet. Eyes closed, touching her hair.

Me: *eyes each guy with a wistful look* Those kisses sound like heaven, I wish there was some way... *looks indescive* Oh what the heck!

*Gets up and grabs Knight by his shirt, pulling him close for a passionate kiss* Holy cow! You weren't joking when you said that Loki's do it with style *licks lips* Man, that was hot!

Bram interupts by pulling me away from Knight and with his hand in my hair, pulls me in for a slow, erotic kiss. *knees weaken and a small whimper can be heard*

Bram: I believe that proves that a vampire's kiss trumps all others, Sweet. *gives heated stare*

Me: *looks a little dazed and stumbles back to seat* Where am I? What were we talking about?

Quillan: I believe you were asking us questions *looks bored*

Me: Oh yeah... the interview *blushes* Let's continue... you all know that Dulcie's writing a book - Imagine she was writing a romance and you were one of her heroes - what's the best sexy line would you use to woo the heroine?

Bram- I do not use lines, as you call them. (Looks annoyed)
Knight- I'm not into lines, myself, but hey, this is about Dulcie's book, right? I'd tell her that sex with a Loki is like nothing she's ever experienced and I'd be telling the truth. (chuckles)Quillan- (Glances at both Bram and Knight) Well, I was already the hero in her romance books so you'll have to ask her what I said that got her all hot and bothered.

Me: Ooooh I remember now... maybe we need to get Dulcie to share with us a little book excerpt or teaser... something to show you in all your hero glory *makes a mental note to ask* And Knight? Unfortunately none of us have experienced sex Loki style *looks frustrated*

One more thing... stand up boys *gestures for them to stand in line before me*

Your final question is something you can't tell the answer for, you'll have to show me. Take your shirts off *looks excited* Yep, you heard me right, we want to make sure that not only will you treat Dulcie well, be worthy of her heart but we want to make sure you've got the goods *giggles*

*Quill looks puzzled, Knight stands up and rips his shirt off. Bram follows suit, only is much more careful about removing his shirt*

Me: *walks over to Bram first and can't stop staring at his physique*

Bram- You may touch me if you desire, Sweet

Me: You don't mind? *uses her fingers and trails a path over his chest and down over his abdomen* So much power.. I can feel it here *places palm over chest* You need to show this off more often Bram - you're impressive.

*walks over to Knight next*

Knight- I believe Dulcie appreciated my chest in the past.

Me: Oh I can see why *looks at the tight, hard muscles of his 6 pack* You are magnificent Knight! *memorizes every contour for further fantasies*

Quillan - What does this have to do with anything?

Me: This Mr. Grumble Pants has to do with pleasing Dulcie. *looks him over but can't get a good look as Quillan refuses to uncross his arms* You're not going to let me look.

Quillan - My body is for Dulcie's eyes only. Trust me, she'll like what she sees.

Me: *bites bottom lip* I know I shouldn't but I know EVERYONE wants to know and I'll get lynched if I don't at least check *lowers eyes to just below the belt and breaks out into a huge smile* Most impressive guys *winks at Bram* Glad to see you all live up to our fantasies *mutters under breath about how lucky Dulcie is while staring at Bram* Dang.. vampires have it all.

Ok, I think I've got everything I need. I tell you what, whoever Dulcie chooses - she's one lucky girl because you guys are delicious *insert a flirt* Can I maybe tempt you to forget Dulcie.. maybe try some Bookish Snob?

Silence... No? *pouts a little*

Knight, Bram and Quillan stand firmly

*smiles* You passed the test guys! First and foremost, it's important that we know you're faithful. Last thing we want to do is hunt you down for breaking Dulcie's heart! I know it was hard to resist my bookish charms *winks* Well it's been fun and I'd love you all to stay and chat some more but I have another meeting. Rand and Sinjin are coming over and I need to figure out what's going on with them and Jolie. Give my love to Dulcie *kisses their cheeks*

Knight: Thanks for the interview, clearly everyone will see I'm the one for Dulcie *winks and flexes his muscles before leaving*
Bram: Sweets, it's be a pleasure. Come visit me at No Regrets. You're always welcome *flashes a little fang*
Quillan: Finally, I got business to take care of *nods to everyone and leaves*

There you have it everyone - that was by far the hottest interview I've done.. I'm still a little swoony from it. Since I held the interview, the guys got themselves Facebook pages so head on over there and look them up.

Next stop on the tour - Tishia @ Paranormal Opinion

About The Author
Hi, I'm HP Mallory and I've written two series, the first about a fairy in law enforcement (To Kill A Warlock and A Tale of Two Goblins) and the second about a witch who can bring back the dead (Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble and Toil and Trouble).

I'm a mongo fan of anything that goes bump in the night and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! (Quick tangent--the best costume I've ever worn was last year when I went as the Headless Horseman and my baby was my Jack-O-Lantern head!) I've always loved the Twilight Zone Marathons and if I ever saw a ghost, I think I'd wet myself.

I grew up in California although I've lived abroad in the UK (England and Scotland--woo hoo, gotta love those kilts!)

I'd categorize my writing as a blend of suspense, humor, light horror, and romance with a sprinkle of fantasy to tie everything together! If you are all about fairies and witches and vampires (oh my!), you love a good alpha warlock and you like men who get a little hairy during a full moon, I got the goods.



BLHmistress said...

You are a stronger woman than I would be not sure I could hold it together like that all that hottness in one room.

Dulcie is one lucky girl, I think Quill should be cast out , he lied to her , sweet puppy or not.

I am normally a vamp girl but Knight has me swooning big time.

I think Bram should go back with Sam poor girl needs some loving too :)

You say they have fb pages where where??

OH yea can you now tell I am addicted after first book going to dive in number 2 shortly but its after 5am must go to sleep

HPMallory said...

Hi Bels!
Thanks so much for the interview. I know the boys had fun!
And big hello to all my readers!!!

Lib C said...

There is something to be said about a little mystery. Quill is quickly becoming my fav. I am always up for cracking a sexy puzzle. ;-)

C.G. Powell said...

ROFL...I love those guys. Thanks Bels for the fantastic interview. Can't wait to find out more about Loki.

LMW said...

*Swoon* All these guys were so hot! Great additions to the story! Loved the "head to toe" interview! ;D
The Delusional Diaries

wordgirl said...

GREAT interview!

Amy said...

That was fun! Thank you for doing interview, Bels! :)

Paranormal Opinion said...

LOVE the interview :)

V.K. Tremain said...

Bels, I must admit, I'm quite jealous. :) I loved it, thanks for the great post! Can't wait to find out more about the mysterious Loki in the next Dulcie book!

Chelsea said...

Loved the interview :) I have to say I am not really digging Quillan anymore but I am still looking forward to any stories about why he did what he did. I always love watching the heroine get bombarded with three guys at once. I think I'm personally voting for Bram at the moment though Knight is in a close second :)

Love the interview :) Thanks for sharing it

Lori @ Romancing the Darkside said...

Love the interview!! I love all three guys and wouldn't know which one I'd pick if I had to choose but my fave so far is Knight, followed by Bram and then Quillan!