Friday, April 29, 2011

Put Away The Pitchforks People - Judith May

I don't know what's made me sicker the last few days - the stomach flu that's driven me crazy or the pitchfork wielding fools that think it's ok to dictate to a woman how she spends her evening. I'm sure everyone has heard about it but honestly, this whole deal with you can't be an English teacher and a published author if you're wanting to write romance is complete crap! Poor Judy May (her pen name) has been outed in the most horrible way by a bunch of judgemental parents. From what I've read, here is a woman who is a successful teacher whose helped many students in her career and she's been portrayed as a deviant because in her spare time she writes erotic romance. She keeps both professions separate and from what I hear a lot of people knew. For some reason though, certain parents "found out" and went on TV and exposed her. I'm horrified for Judy that people could be so narrow minded and cruel. Her behavior has been above reproach so I have no idea why people think it's ok to lynch her *sigh*

Anyway, today while I was catching up on Facebook, I saw a youtube response from one of her former students that I loved and I wanted to share it with those that are also following this. Hope you enjoy it.


Audra said...

How heartbreaking!

Ladybug07999 said...

Thank you for posting this!

This is just . . I don't even know the words. Some people have no life, clearly. Their hobby . . must be tearing apart the lives of others, so sure lets give them a high five for bringing this to our attention, and slam her . . WHATEVER, get a life jealous people.


BLHmistress said...

I was so upset over this ,I was telling a friend I could see my son who is a teen say so what my mom reads those LOL.

Seriously though its not right this woman be treated so horribly. I think also these women are jealous , couldn't write to save their lives and because she can , she is being persecuted for it

Melissa/welachild said...

I love the video. Thanks for sharing.
Unfortunately there are mean people on this earth. The sad thing is, they are teaching there children by bad example. Hopefully the students and parents who stand up for Judy help the children of outraged parents see the small-mindedness and ridiculousness of their parents.

Savannah Chase said...

I think the support she has gotten from her students and the community is amazing..It makes me sad how people try to destroy her because she does what she loves...

Faerotic Me said...

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Faerotic Me said...

OMG - I just watched the youtube video and OH MY! lol, people really get their kicks by harassing nice, innocent teachers!
Seriously - what the woman writes in her spare time, under a pen name, is none of the parent's business (lol - this coming from the parent of 9, 6, and 3, yr olds)

TYVM for sharing!

Vamchoir said...

The Puritans still have their influence over society even while nobody liked them in the first place. It's because individuals give in to the pressure to "conform." (That's especially true when it comes to going to work.)

You and vampire Ravena must be thinking alike because she blogged on a similar topic just today (Vamchoir blog).

Best O' Books said...

Truly sad! She is teaching the kids her curriculum, not how to write their own erotic romance, so what's the big deal? Having worked in the education system for years, just have to say: if teachers are going to be held up for scrutiny as wholesome role models 24/7, then we will really have a shortage of instructors. The time spent with their classes is the only work they should be judged on. Imagine if the teachers decided to "grade" the students' facebook pages??

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