Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inside Vance Mangum's Head - The Demon Kiss

I'm smitten by Vance. From the moment I met him in The Trouble With Spells, this bad boy has held my heart hostage and taken me for the ride of my life. Each book, I've gotten a closer look and watched as evil tries it's damnedest to claim him but his love of Portia anchors him. So, it's not much of a surprise when the author Lacey Weatherford posted some extra character stories, that I devoured them and this was by far one of my FAVORITES! Anything that gets me inside the head of Vance is a good thing so I wanted to share it. This snippet is from book two, The Demon Kiss so if you've read it, you'll fully enjoy it. I'd definitely recommend reading book one first and hello? You're lucky day... the first book, The Trouble With Spells, is FREE (look at the coupon on the side bar) Also *insert shameless plug here* have you been following the blog tour? Click on the banner above to go to the schedule. You have the chance to win a Kindle *winks* Okay, let's get this party started - hold onto your seats ladies because Vance is going to rock your world!

Portia Is Taken

I rolled over in bed, my hand automatically reaching out for Portia’s warm body next to me, only to discover that she wasn’t there. I lifted my head momentarily in confusion before dropping it back to my pillow when I remembered she had elected to spend the night in her room to help ease Shelly’s anxieties.

Closing my eyes, I let my thoughts drift loosely over the argument the two of us had been in earlier. I felt so irritated with myself. I hated hurting her in any capacity and yet that seemed to be all I was capable of doing lately.

I suddenly felt extremely frustrated over everything. Everything was spinning completely out of control and I, nor anyone else, seemed to be able to get a handle on it. My dad was wreaking havoc on all of our lives. I needed to put an end to this nonsense so we could all get on with living again.

Tossing the covers back, I sat up and got out of bed, deciding that I needed a drink of water. I reached over to grab a pair of sweatpants I had tossed onto the end of the bed earlier, slipping them on before I left my room.

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