Friday, April 8, 2011

Check Out These Amazing Covers Changes!

Squee! Something EXCITING is happening with romance author Marcia McClure, and it doesn't involve those delicious kisses she writes about!

I LOVE covers. I'm influenced by them and here's a hint - if you want me to buy your book... have a cover I can't take my eyes off. I love colors, people, striking designs and fonts and of course, hot guys are ALWAYS welcome. So what does this have to do with Marcia? Hands down, my FAVE sweet romance author ever. I read all her 20+ books within two weeks, one after enough, forsaking sleep because I couldn't get enough of her stories. They make me sigh heavily, tear up, swoon and giggle. BUT I hate to admit it, some of her covers make me a little sad because they no way showcase what's found within. Well, I'm not sure what going on but some of her book covers are getting overhauls and I am GIDDY over the new ones. Let me show you...

(first cover is the old... second is the new one)

What an improvement right?

Now I'm off to go grab my copies and fight the urge to replace them with these new beauties. That Divine Deception? I think I'm pulling my "emergency read card" and have another taste of yummy Trader Donavon!