Sunday, March 27, 2011

Want To Win A Kindle?

Want to win a Kindle Wi Fi?

What would you be willing to do?
Jump through flaming hoops? Walk backwards for a week?
Swim in a vat of limp, sticky noodles?

Really? *smiles* Then what I'm about to share will
be a piece of CAKE!

To be entered in the Trouble With Spells Blog Tour Kindle giveaway,
visit each of the blogs participating and gather the RED words that
will form a quote from the book.

Easy, peasy!!

Here's the tour schedule so you can enter the giveaway. The posts so far have been AMAZING and everyone's excited about the series.

Have you got yourself a FREE copy of The Trouble With Spells yet?
Here's the coupon...

Good luck everyone!


ChrisS said...

This sounds like fun! Thanks.

Belinda said...

I hope you like it Chris. It's one of my FAVE series!