Monday, March 21, 2011

The Trouble With Spells Blog Tour - Meet Vance and Portia

I pull into the parking lot of the little metaphysical store, Milly’s Potions, Lotions, & Notions, which is nestled on the corner of a busy street in Sedona, Arizona.  The building, while not overly spectacular itself, is set against the back drop of the giant red rock cliffs that dot this area, making the view breathtaking.
I grab my notebook and pen, before I nervously straighten my clothes and run a hand through my hair, looking into the rear view mirror to make sure I look presentable before I head inside. 
I find that I’m a little more nervous for this interview than usual, and that deals directly with who I’m meeting.  It’s not every day that I get to speak people who are involved with magic, and when one of them happens to be a deliciously HOT warlock, well…let’s just say it can make concentrating a bit difficult.
A little bell jingles over the door, signaling my entrance into the charming space that immediately graces my senses with beautiful sights and scents.  Organized shelves line the perimeter of the room, and strategically placed cube-like bins full of all kinds of different items, are in the interior.  Soft instrumental music is floating through the air, creating a completely relaxing environment.

A young lady walks through a beaded curtain near the back of the room, and I’m struck with how petite she is.  Her long dark hair sways gently about her as she moves, but I’m struck the most by the color of her eyes, which almost appear black and fathomless against her pale skin. She smiles when she sees me, and I can feel the kindness exuding off of her.
“Hi! You must be Belinda,” she says, extending her hand toward mine.  “I’m Portia.”
“Hello,” I reply, taking her hand and shaking it.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you.  Thanks for taking the time to visit with me.”
“No problem at all.  Thanks for meeting us here at my grandma’s store.  I’m tending the counter for her today.  If you’ll come with me, Vance is waiting for us in the back.”
“Okay, sounds good,” I say, following after her.
We step through the beaded curtain, and my initial surprise is not how clean and organized the back of the store is, nor is it the unreal amount of herbs that are shelved there, but it is solely based on the overwhelming allure of the alpha male dominating this space.  I feel as if someone just doused me in pheromones and little tremors quake through my body.
Let me just say, the pictures I’ve seen of him, while amazing, do NOT do him justice.
He looks up from the table where he’s sitting, capturing my eyes with his blue-eyed stare before a dimpled grin crosses his face.  He stands and walks toward me.
I. Am. Mesmerized.
“Hi, I’m Vance,” he says in a sexy baritone voice as he extends his hand toward me.
I stare.  I keep staring until I hear a low chuckle leave his mouth and he quirks an eyebrow up at me.  That snaps me out of my frozen state and I reach out to grab his hand, the warm of his touch traveling all the way up my arm.
“Belinda,” I say, my voice resembling a squeak and I suddenly feel like the worst kind of evil for crushing so hard on Portia’s guy.
“Would you like to have a seat with us over here at the table?” he asks me politely, releasing my hand.
“Sure, that would be great,” I reply, trying to suck all the professionalism that I just lost back into my body as we head to the table.
Vance pulls a chair out for me, before seating Portia.  He scoots his chair close to hers, draping his arm across the back of it and giving her shoulders a little squeeze.
It’s obvious he adores her, just in the way he looks at her.
She returns the look, reaching over to rest her hand on his muscular jean clad thigh.
Pull it together, Belinda, I growl at myself mentally, forcing my eyes back up to their faces, to see them both staring at me expectantly.
“Thanks again for having me,” I say almost smoothly.  “Shall we just jump right into this interview then?”
They nod in unison.
“Life seems like it's pretty crazy for you two now, how are you dealing with all of it?” I ask.
Vance and Portia look at each other; he nods for her to answer.
“Right now we are just trying to take things one day at a time.  Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, and while that can be unfortunate we have each other.  I think that’s the most important thing for both of us.  No matter what happens, we can work through it together.” She looks back toward Vance and he moves his head in agreement.
 “What was it like when you were both finally able to share how you felt about each other?”
“Amazing,” they both say together, proving just how in sync they really are with one another.
“It sounds totally stalkerish, but I had been watching her for a long time,” Vance tells me, but his eyes are on Portia.  “I was in love with her before she even knew I was interested.” He chuckles.
“He promised my dad that he wouldn’t interact with me until I knew about my powers,” Portia explains, gently squeezing his leg.  “I understand Dad was just trying to protect me from the bad things surrounding Vance, but I feel it was completely unnecessary.  Vance is terrific.”
“If you could, would you give up the magic and just be regular humans?”
“There are days that I think Portia and I would both love for that to happen.  But honestly, for me at least, magic has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  It wasn’t hidden from me like it was for her, and I manifested my powers at a very young age.  I don’t think I would know who I really was without it.  It’s a big part of me.  It’s in my genetic make up.  So, I would have to say the answer to your question is no.”
“I agree with Vance,” Portia replies.  “The magic and its history is just part of who we are.  I think it’s a good part.  I wouldn’t give mine away either.”
“What's one thing you like most about your powers?” I ask.
“Mine are still so new that really everything about them is so interesting to me,” Portia replies.  “I don’t think I’ve really developed a taste for one thing over the other, it’s just fun to experiment right now.” She looks to Vance for his answer.
He grins and flicks his index finger into the air and immediately a small flame begins to dance on top of it, and amazingly I can feel the heat of that small flame from across the table.  “I like knowing that my powers are right there when I need them,” he says.  “Even though we try to live fairly normal lives in an effort to blend into society, I feel stronger knowing that they are there for my use, should I need them.” 
“Vance, it's pretty obvious you love Portia and you're extremely protective of her.” I note the way he still has his arm wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her in close.  “What goes through your head when you’re with her? Or if you see her in danger?”
“There isn’t anywhere on earth I’d rather be than with Portia,” he replies, his eyes growing soft as he looks at her, lifting a hand to stroke it over her hair.  “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, both inside and out.  She’s my world, my little piece of perfection, my family, and I love her more with every second.”
I hold my breath as the two of them stare at each other for a moment before Vance leans in to brush his lips softly against Portia’s.   I can feel the chemistry exploding between them as I watch with unabashed envy and a small sigh escapes my lips, reminding them that I’m still in the room.
Vance’s eyes snap with another emotion when he looks back up at me and I can feel the fire dancing in their blue depths.
Don’t even get me started on what I would do to anyone who tried to harm her,” he stated flatly, and I suddenly felt like I was in the room with a killer, his deadly intent completely obvious.
I clear my throat nervously, suddenly worried that he see my question as a threat.  I’m saved from his intense stare when the doorbell to the front of the store chimes, signaling that a customer has entered.  Portia, bless her heart, senses my apprehension.
“Why don’t you go help whoever that is?” she asks Vance, nudging him slightly with her elbow.
“All right,” he says, his demeanor just as quickly diffused by her as it appeared and he leaves us, pausing to kiss the top of her head on his way out.
As soon as I’m sure he’s out of earshot I lean forward across the table.  “Okay, now he's gone... give me the scoop.  What's Vance really like?” I ask, unable to hold back what I really want to know any longer.
She grins and bites her bottom lip before leaning forward like she’s about to tell a big secret.
“He’s amazing, Belinda,” she says honestly, her eyes flashing with love.  “I don’t know what it is, but my skin sparks when he touches me, and when he kisses me I feel like my insides are going to melt into a puddle.  When he’s next to me I can’t stop touching him.  It’s like he’s the yin to my yang and there are times that I feel I’m going to be driven crazy with the need I feel for him.” She sighs, and closes her eyes for just a moment before opening them again.  “But it’s not just the physical things.  He understands me; he listens to every word I say like his life depends on it.  There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me.  I don’t know what makes me so special. I certainly don’t feel like I deserve this kind of treatment.”  She shakes her head in awe.
“How does all this make you feel about him?” I say, feeling like we are two girlfriends confiding in one another.
“I love him, Belinda, with all of my heart.  I can’t even come close to explaining the depths of my feelings for him.  He is everything to me.  I would die for him if it were required of me.”
We sit silently for a few moments, each of us absorbing the meaning of her words.
“Does it scare you that everything is happening so fast for the two of you?” I ask, wondering how I would live with that kind of constant intensity surrounding me.
“New things can be scary, but I can honestly say nothing about my relationship with Vance scares me.  I almost feel like we could be invincible together.”
“That’s so wonderful that the two of you can have that kind of closeness together.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a relationship like that,” I reply.
“I agree with you completely.” Portia smiles softly.
“What's something secret you'd want people to know about Vance?”
“I think I’d want them to know that he’s noble.  So many people have this preconceived notion of him.  They listen to rumors, or they judge him by the motorcycle and the leather jacket.  Sure he’s cocky sometimes, but that comes from self confidence.  Vance has a sense of honor that I don’t see in most people.  He may play the bad boy, and there’s definitely some of that in there, but his heart is good to the core.”
“I have to admit it.  He sounds fabulous, Portia.  Thank you for sharing these things with me,” I reply, putting my pen down and closing my notebook.
“It was fun talking with you,” she says, standing up from her chair and shaking my hand once again.  “You’ll have to come back sometime.”
“That would be lovely,” I say, standing to follow her through the beaded curtain once more.
Vance has just finished ringing up the purchases of the customer and comes to walk me to the door along with Portia, casually draping his arm over her shoulders.
“Sorry I had to bail out on you back there,” he apologizes.
“No problem,” I reply, wishing he would touch me just one more time, but he doesn’t move.  “I got what I came for,” I added with a smile.
“Well come and see us again sometime,” he says, flashing me that gorgeous smile once more.”
“Thank you.  I’ll be sure to drop by again.”
I exit the store and walk to my car, standing beside it as I fumble for my keys.  I look back at the store and my breathe catches at what I see there.
Vance and Portia are tangled up in each other’s arms and they are kissing each other passionately.  His hands are running down her back, pulling her flush up against his body.  Her fingers are tangled through his dark hair, pulling his head down to meet her as she arches up against him.  I can’t help my moment of voyeurism, as I watch him devouring her mouth with his, before he slips his head to the side and begins to work his way down her neck. Portia throws her head back in the ecstasy of the moment and I can almost hear the moan escaping her parted lips as he feasts upon her.
A heated blush flushes through my whole body and I turn away, popping the lock to my car and crawling inside.  I fan myself briefly before making the decision to skip dinner and hurry straight home to my husband, Mark.
I dial my phone as I leave the parking lot, terribly tempted to glance back toward the display of passion in the window one more time before it’s gone for good.
“Hello?” Mark’s voice answers just in the nick of time.
“Hey baby,” I say.  “I’m on my way home and I want to………”

Thanks for coming by the FIRST stop on the The Trouble With Spells blog tour. This is such an amazing book and this is just a taste of what you can expect for the next month as you go from blog to blog learning more about Vance and Portia, the author and the Of Witches and Warlock series. This is my FAVORITE young adult paranormal romance series EVER so I encourage you to take advantage of the FREE coupon available for The Trouble With Spells (offer ends April 9th).

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About The Author

Lacey Weatherford has always had a love of books. She wanted to become a writer after reading her first Nancy Drew novel at the age of eight.  She resides in the White Mountains of Arizona , where she lives with her wonderful husband, six beautiful children, one son-in-law, and their energetic schnauzer, Sophie. When she's not out supporting one of her kids at their sporting/music events, she spends her time writing, reading, blogging, and reviewing books.


AngelGoneMad said...

Brilliant first post Bel =)

You are such a peeping tom LMFAO!!

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

Ladybug07999 said...

What an awesome start Belinda.

*Waves* to Lacey!!!

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Asamum said...

Great first blog tour stop guys. Terrific interview :D

Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy said...

Belinda! You are so fun! I absolutely loved this post and can't wait to read about Vance now. LOL

LMW said...

@Naomi- I figured I'd only get on shot in my life to write Bel as a peeping tom! Gotta take those opportunities when they present! haha Here's to voyeurism!

@Stephanie HI! *waves back* Thanks for dropping by and reading the longest blogpost on earth! haha

@Emma Hello my dear. Glad you liked it. Bel sent me questions for an interview and ended up with a chapter instead! LOL

@Theresa Hi! I hope you like him!! :D

SusanKMann said...

What a great first stop I love it. I'm so jealous Bel got to interview the hot Vance. And Portia is so sweet. Can't wait to read the rest of the posts. x

LMW said...

@SusanKMann I thought Bel exercised great restraint, didn't you? She didn't even tackle him! What a gal! haha

AngelGoneMad said...

@Lacey & @ Bel - I'm quite shocked that she never attacked him and carried out those dreams she has been having LOL

Naomi xoxo

LMW said...

@Naomi I know right? For seeing her dream guy personified she was quite tame! LOL Of course Portia is a witch. Maybe Bel was afraid of what she'd do to her if she threw him on the table!?! haha

BLHmistress said...

LOL Bel somehow I knew you would stand and watch :) did hubby enjoy the rewards:).

I am running off to start this book I gotta check out Vance too :)

What a fantastic way to start the tour I am so excited about this.

Judy said...

This was a great post.I am going to enjoy this tour. I can't wait to learn more about Portia and Vance.

LMW said...

@BLHmistress If I know Bel...and I can bet money her hubby enjoyed the rewards! haha Glad you dropped by!

@Judy Thanks! We're glad you came! Hope you will love Portia and Vance! :D

Stacey Donaldson said...

Great Start! Awesome idea...I'm following the tour!

Came over from Book Lover's Hideaway.

Belinda said...

Hey everyone! Finally blogger let me leave a comment *cross fingers* Thanks for stopping by and seeing my interview with Vance and Portia! Let me tell you - it was pretty intense. Sitting in the room with Vance, watching how into each other the are.. little blushworthy at times. I can't wait to see what's next on the tour - anything that let's us learn more about Vance and Portia is exciting :)

Belinda said...

Hmmm.. I see I've developed quite the rep from this interview *giggles* Let me set the record straight - I NEVER would have attacked Vance and thrown him on the table! The WALL people.. the WALL!! Have you not remember ANYTHING from my blog? I love hot kisses AGAINST THE WALL *laughs*

@Naomi - I'd like to see you not watch a hot guy like Vance make his move *pokes out tongue* Or should it have been "Hmm Vance is about to kiss Portia.. oh look the crack in the footpath has some kind of funky gunk caked in it.. wonder what it is?" If you're think the gunk.. honey - we need to talk LOL

@Steph - hey chica *waves* Glad you came by today. Got your coupon for the book yet? This post is NOTHING compared to how amazing Vance is. I've read the series.. he gets better and better.

@Asamum - hey! Came by for your Vance fix, huh? Glad you liked it.

@Theresa - Did you really expect any less? LOL I've had it bad for Vance for over a year now. I'm glad I got to spend time with him. Oh and Portia too LOL

@Susan - I feel pretty lucky for the interview. I wasn't sure I'd be able to survive it. Those two have some pretty amazing chemistry. It doesn't takw a rocket scientist to see they're deeply in love. Thanks for coming by.

@BLH - *high fives* You better believe it! Between interviewing Vance, that kiss and my other reading.. hubby's doing pretty well *blushes* You need to hustle and get this series read - it's amazing!

@Judy - I'm so glad you came by. The next month is going to be so much fun and by the end of it, you'll be head over heels in love with the series like the rest of us. We have a support group. Let me know and I'll give you the details *winks* Enjoy the rest of the tour!

@Stacey - Welcome, welcome! Make sure you grab a coupon for the book. It'll help make the tour more memorable and I'd love to see how much you love it as we go along. This is a great series - one of my faves and Vance... one of my favorite bad boys! Hehehe sorry to gush over you!

@Lacey - well if it isn't the brat author herself - do you see what you've done by writing such an amazing series and delicious hero? You've reduced me to a drooling mess, whose a peeping Tom just ready to to attack using tables. *scoffs* You know me so well... Thanks for sharing your book with us Lacey - here's to world domination!

LMW said...

@Stacy Welcome to the party! Glad you came to play! Hope you will enjoy the book!

@Belinda Embrace it Bel, you can't help who you are. And face it...what's more fun than being a drooling mess? haha And I didn't use the wall because the table was closer. All the easier for you to reach out and drag him over to you! LOL

Vivien said...

This should be a blast!!

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

LMW said...

@Vivien Glad to have you on board!! Thanks for dropping by!

Pepca said...

I'm new to the series, but your post sucked me in. I can't wait to learn more about it on the tour.

LMW said...

@Pepca Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you on the 2nd tour stop today! :D

AmyV said...

That was great! I can't wait to read the next one! :)

TheJay2xA said...

I think i'm kinda late for this book blog tour but as I say better late than never :) i'm totally joining the hop! thanks for the nice giveaway ;)

Anonymous said...

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~Enamored Soul~ said...
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~Enamored Soul~ said...

"Her fingers are tangled through his dark hair, pulling his head down to meet her as she arches up against him. I can’t help my moment of voyeurism, as I watch him devouring her mouth with his, before he slips his head to the side and begins to work his way down her neck. Portia throws her head back in the ecstasy of the moment and I can almost hear the moan escaping her parted lips as he feasts upon her."

Wow, I have goosebumps - that was so sensual. The story, so far, has completely pulled me in, can't wait to read more. Must keep moving on, and read...

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Karla Vollkopf said...

They make such a cute couple! I was embarrassed just reading the 'interview', LOL, it felt like I was the one 'intruding'!! >.<'

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Can't believe I just found out about this blog hop!

krysykat said...

Awesome, can't wait to see what the blogs spell out!


Jan von Harz said...

Coming into this late, but what fun. Thanks!

angelshimmery said...

Okay coming to the tour incredibly late, but it sounds great fun. Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts.

Mater said...

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