Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teaching My Godson The Educational Side Of Reading Romance

I went to visit my god son this afternoon and started goofing around with my phone camera. He's such a sweet little boy and I thought it would be cute to impart a little romance advice :) Sixteen comes SOOO fast!


aobibliophile™ said...

hi Bels! i love this post. your godson is so cute. and the comments are just plain lol! thanks for sharing. c",)

Leetid said...

So CUTE!!!

Ladybug07999 said...

Super Sweet!!!

BLHmistress said...

LOL teach him right Bel :)

jackie b central texas said...

Okay he can give Ramin on the sidebar a run for his money Belinda, what a sweetie!

This is the nicest post that I have come across today, a little boy being taught all about men who wear skirts, carry claymores, have ripped physiques, talk with a funny accent and get the girls!

Belinda said...

Hehehe Jackie. This is the lil boy I was there for the birth of. It's amazing to see how fast he's grown. I should post the other picks I have... ogf me introducing him the cell phone!

Redd said...

Oh lands...ur cute godson, & bless his heart that ur teaching him about romance! *sighs*

as always ♥ Carol said...

cutest blog post I've seen so far! I love the little faces he makes beyond cuteness =p

as always ♥, Carol

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